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Helloo, everybody! Today, I am Peitro de Penguin, and today we are going to play... Planetbase!

Yes. I must say, this is more my type of game. I suffer from FPS nausea easily, and I panic
far too much for any RTS. I guess I'm just a crappy gamer in general?

But as they also say, isn't the most important thing is to have fun? And Planetbase is a c̶i̶t̶y̶
settlement-building game in which it is more important to take things easy and plan out your
decisions. It's very relaxing.

I hope you don't mind if I skip the tutorial. It's quite basic. Obviously you have to build
your essential life support structures first and power them before doing anything else. Then you
need to mine raw resources and refine them into usable forms, grow food, etc., etc. We'll be doing
the same thing again as we build the colony anyway.

Touchdown! Let us welcome our intrepid explorers!
Last update on March 29, 10:39 pm by Carlo Marco.
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