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Of course, in any great undertaking, job specialization is the key. These three workers were
chosen for their hardiness and survival skills. Without them, the colony cannot progress.

And we have one Engineer. The Engineer builds and repairs things. I must say as this point
he is the most valuable member of the team. I gotta keep this guy alive.

Two biologists, they are the life of the colony. We all need to eat.

And the Medic. You don't mess with the Medic. They can take you apart as easily as they
can put you back together after you wreck yourself.

And finally, two Bots. A Carrier Bot and a Constructor Bot. Oho!
I don't think a Constructor Bot can replace an Engineer though. I'm not sure, but I
don't believe they can repair each other.

And that's it for this post. Next we'll see how our colonists fare building their colony!
Their... uh, Planet Base.
Last update on March 23, 1:52 pm by Carlo Marco.
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