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Hello again, everyone! Welcome again to this Let's Play of Planetbase, which is a narrative
format in which we get to vicariously experience the settlement of an alien planet.
Or more accurately, try and fail to play Planetbase, because last episode could only be
described as a catastrophically stupid failure. Our colonists died choking in their space-suits, despite
already having all the necessary life support equipment built because the base could not be
powered in time.

So this time, we will focus. All right. After the disastrous first colony attempt on this
planet, a second expedition was sent. Perhaps it's a government. Perhaps it's a corporation.
They bravely go where man has gone and died in before. We shall see if they can make worth
that sacrifice.

Seven brave souls and two bots. May their names resound through history.
Last update on March 23, 12:38 pm by Carlo Marco.
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