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And now that our colonists can move around without fear of running out of oxygen, it is
time to build the livable portions of the base. First up is still the Storage Dome, so that we have a
place to put materials without them degrading under dust storms and the heat of an alien sun.

Oho. 7500 kilowatts storage? And the Wind Turbine is actually producing thirty
kilowatts per second? Good to know we won't be wasting power. At a power drain of roughly
ten kilowatts per second, it should take 12 minutes to run out of power for life support.
I read that the structures furthest away from the power generators lose power first,
so building the Power Collector close to the life support systems mean that they will be
powered first, even if total production is below base-wide needs.

And with this, the colonists have survived the first night! What a milestone!
What I am building now is the Bio-Dome, so that they will have something to eat, and up north
the Canteen so that they won't have to keep eating MREs sitting on the floor.

This is the Dorm, a place for the colonists to sleep. After it is built, we will have taken
care of all their basic needs.

I will get into each plant later, but for now these plants are the first forms of Terran life
to be born, to grow, upon alien soil. The yellow plant icons refer to plants that produce Food and
Starch that can be turned into bioplastic. The red plant icons are exclusively food plants.

Building a mine to gain Ore to smelt into Metal needed for building. Only one more
thing needed to go beyond Survival and into Self-Sufficiency as a colony.

What I am placing here is the Processing Plant, where Workers can turn Ore into Metal
and Starch into Bioplastic. Because all rooms require both, the game is recommending that we
should recycle the Colony Ship for extra metal and bioplastic.

Wait, what?
What happened? There's power, there's oxygen, I saw them eating. Why did they all die?! Why?
Last update on March 23, 12:38 pm by Carlo Marco.
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