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I'll take that as a yes. :p

Salutations. You have seen what has come before and still you return. For this, you have my
gratitude. Clearly, mistakes have been made. And there can be only one explanation -
Okay, more seriously - I can think of no in-universe reason why a shoddy administrator as
myself should get to try again for the third time, and this time hopefully not to lead the entire colony
into mass deaths by mismanagement. So I don't think "I" actually exist as an entity in-universe.
Reading forward, there seems to be interstellar trade active in this game. So, a colony effort
like this is probably mundane by now. And given the colonists AI is not particularly... brilliant... in any
capacity, the in-universe reasons for a delay could range from shoddy equipment to faulty pre-landing

It may be accidental... or not.

With that in mind, let us carefully inspect the planetary conditions before we land. And
yes, I have named the future new settlement "Perpetuance". I hope I'm not jinxing the settlers.
More importantly, the planet has a thick C02 atmosphere. That sounds a bit odd to me,
since I was thinking that such conditions should be warm enough for water to remain liquid instead
of trapped subsurface. Mars is arid mainly because it is a frozen desert.
Unfortunately, making our landing points the poles does nothing. There are no polar caps.
I guess the point here is that this red planet is not really meant to represent Mars, but Tatooine.

Wait, what? That's a thing now? I have to worry about combat? As if my job wasn't hard
enough, there are space pirates!
There are space pirates. I really should have expected this.


Welcome to Perpetuance, people. I'm not going to bother going through your names
anymore. Not that you are, uh... disposable... but because it also wastes page load times with
screencaps. Once the population swells, I'll have a hard enough time trying to hunt you down
trying to build some sort of ground-level narrative.
This is because Planetbase lacks a Pause key that freezes the game, instead of pausing
behind an active window. It also has three time settings: 1X, 2X, and 4X; but not going into the
reverse of normal speed: maybe 0.5X, and Pause. I hope they put that in later.

Oh. Oh! Is that our landing zone? Well this is good. This is very good!
I can work with this.

Last update on March 23, 12:39 pm by Carlo Marco.
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