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Hmm. There's a bit of a traffic jam in the airlock. I am not certain how many people
can enter or exit at once, but the game did warn me this might happen. We will see what we
can do about that later.

Since the materials for the Storage Dome and its connecting tube have already been
delivered, it is time to add the Canteen. So that our colonists won't die from something as
easily preventable as dehydration.

Really, people? The Water extractor is there. Right there. Have you lost the technology for
water hoses? If I were to design a water plant, of course there would be some flow valve
accessible from the outside. A large part of that structure has got to be a water tank.
Unless, of course, a completely sealed Water Extractor is designed to prevent
sabotage of the water supply. Not that it would stop a determined attacker...
And on that note, the pirates physically attacking the colony and shooting up the
colonists should be the worst possible way of trying to gain loot. Bombing down their
external life support devices while blockading the airlocks would be a sufficient threat. If the
colonists don't shove their goods out, the space pirates won't leave until the people inside
are all dead, and thus they can take whatever they want anyway.
That's sad. Life on the frontier is hard enough without having to leave in fear
and distrust of strangers.

What was that just now? Did you hear something?

Aaanyway, the Dorm goes here, right past the Canteen. I am just going to assume
either of these structures have the hygiene facilities. It makes sense to have them connected.
Eat, sleep. Wake up, eat. Go to work. C'est la vie.

The Storage Dome and the Canteen Dome were built at almost the same time and
now the Construction Bot is moving to connect them.

And done. The Oxygen Generator is chuggling along slowly trying to improve the
oxygen mix through the suddenly enlarged working area. Completing the tunnel should have
thinned out the 02 levels all through the base. But once it is done, it should take longer for 02
levels to drop again. Life support for organics isn't like cutting off electricity for machines.
I blame bad scifi for this. It makes sense with spacesuits and diving air tanks, but not roomfuls of air. At
standard pressure air only goes 'bad' as each breath replaces oxygen with carbon dioxide. It underestimates
the hardiness and
will to survive of the human condition.

Now let's inspect what we can do with the Canteen.
Last update on March 23, 1:55 pm by Carlo Marco.
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