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These are the things that can be placed inside the Canteen. They all cost only Bioplastic.
We have plenty of bioplastic.

A Meal Maker for comestibles, and because no one is actually a trained cook, which should
involve water seriously, water is in food, but I'm going to stop harping on about that.

Tables to sit and rest, and the water fountain because the body needs more liquid intake than what
just food can provide. Unless it's things like soup, but I suppose there would only be increased fluid
loss via the salt content?

And a big screen for news and shows? WHAT news and shows? Are there other colony
attempts on the planet? Do you guys have such casual FTL communications you can stream
interstellar news and programs?
Or is this actually happening within one star system? Is this the Universal Century?
... no, not enough Space Colonies for that. That's more Startopia than Planetbase.

And a potted plant because why not.

So just put them all down, I guess?

No, that plant over there is a route hazard. Let's relocate it to a less impeding spot. Now all we need are some Bith musicians and to turn the lights down looow. Dath-dat-dat-da-da-dah-dadadadada-da-dah. Cantina! John Williams!
Also, the Dorm has already been swiftly built, so let's look that that next.
Last update on March 23, 1:55 pm by Carlo Marco.
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