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Survival milestone: GET.
Oh no, I made a mistake. It's going to be a long walk to get to the Mining site. The
Airlock is pointed the wrong way.

Or maybe I could put it here and just build a second Airlock? One airlock for arrivals and
trade, another just for miners and expansion of life support around this area?

I think this is a good place for the Bio-Dome. Eventually I will add connecting tunnels to
both Storage and Canteen Domes. Not only will this speed the transport of harvests and walking
routes of biologists, but perhaps the wafting scents of living plants would grant a subtle but
soothing quality for the environment.

And that's placed. Just connect the dome and we're good to go -


It crashed.

Video driver has stopped responding and has recovered.
Hang on let me just check something.
Last update on March 23, 12:42 pm by Carlo Marco.
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