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Ookay. So, I had replaced my video card just recently and it turns out my video drivers
still date back to 2014. Nothing serious.
It's fine. Specially since this is an Early Access game, some hiccups are to be expected.
I'm quite sure it has an autosave feature anyway. That's pro forma for games of this type.

Is... that it?

No. I am not going to
This is fine.
I am relaxed.
I am fine.
I can deal with this.
It was only a small amount of wasted time.
This time.

Actually, wait, that was a Quick Save. What key did I push? Where's the autosave?
No, I am SURE this has an autosave function. I found the autosaves for the previous
failed colonies. Is it because the game has not actually lasted long enough yet to trigger the
So... that mistaken keypress was actually... lucky?!
My progress was saved by my own ineptitude?!

I don't know what to feel about this.

I -insist- you all put everything back the way it was before!

The Time Lords are no longer here. Now the LAWS OF TIME OBEY -ME-!

There are those who might call me mad. MAD WITH POWER!
But your companies can no longer save you. Not your space governments. Not each
other other. Only me.
And I refuse to allow you all to die. Not this time. Not so soon.
Last update on March 23, 12:42 pm by Carlo Marco.
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