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COLONY ID: N0 E74 "Perpetuance"
Received <SURVIVAL> completion code.
Colony Asset Value: -1000 Coins
Colony Recovery Value: 36

Monitor Stamp: Day 1 Hour 7
Location: Cantina 01
Sound Only

Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> We worked for nineteen hours straight
yesterday. I guess all that exhaustion crashing on stims gave me a funny dream.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Was it a penguin?
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Whu - how'd you guess?
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> You're the last to wake up, Winnie B. We
all had the same dream.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> You know these were two previous
failed colony efforts on this planet before us? The records behind their
failure are still sealed by The Company.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> I was dreaming about this penguin
screaming 'blood on my hands!'. You?
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Spooky. I had the exact same dream.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Think it means something?
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> A penguin. On this cold but surface
waterless planet? I'm not sure how to interpret that. Shared dreams might
just come from similar stimuli.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> So instead you're saying something
happened while we were all asleep? That doesn't sound any better. It makes me
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> I'll have a look at the activity logs
later. If this is a prank, it is in poor taste.

Last update on March 23, 12:42 pm by Carlo Marco.
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