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... aaaanyway, needless to say, I put down all high-maintenance but fast-growing crops
save for one medicinal plant pad. You can see also where I put the mine and the second airlock.

Everything seems to be going well.

Our bots are getting damaged. They are due maintenance. Eventually I think there's
a facility for repairing them automatically and building new bots.
The mine is now being used. Two workers on the night shift. I'm sure they'll appreciate how
short a walk it is to get from the mining site back into the colony when there's a dust storm.

But why is it taking so long to build the crop pads?!

Ooooooooooohhhhh. We were out of Bioplastics.

No choice but to disassemble the Colony Ship, then. Bye bye.
I feel like Cortez burning his ships, giving no choice but to succeed or die trying.

No Satre.
Last update on March 23, 12:43 pm by Carlo Marco.
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