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And while that's going on, we might as well get the Processing Plant working in
preparation for the raw materials input.

And as dawn rises, new life springs forth on this cold dead planet.

Ah, Self Sufficiency achievement reached. That reminds me of something -

How many Colonists does it take to reach Self Sufficiency?
One Solipsist at Sufficient Sophistry!

Okay that was a bad pun. I am sorry.

Holy crap, Willie Double E, what at are you doing? Drink something! Eat something!

Oh, that is what you are doing. Never mind then.

I cannot zoom in any closer than this. Your name is far too mysterious. Are you male or female
or a novelist?

And there's Winnie B. I'm thinking the lone Engineer, responsible for the physical
stability of the base is a shoo-in as base commander, but for some reason a part of me feels
that this is a person that prefers to just work quietly in the background.

I mean, an Engineer solves problems. Not philosophical ones like "Why am I here?" or "How
do I pay back my debt to society" but practical ones. Like "Let's not all choke or freeze to
death" or "How do I keep our robots from murdering us in our sleep". There are no prima
donnas in engineering.

Survival is the primary motivation for colonists. But for the colony as a whole,
why do you exist?

So I'm left thinking that the one in charge is someone who can balance between the needs
of the colonists, keep them safe and motivated, arbitrate conflicts, and keep an eye on the
colony's main function as a profit making enterprise.

And with that placed, the base has achieved TRUE self-sufficiency.

Metal fabrication is critical because the power structures require only metal in their

Mad with power? Mad from lack of power.

What are you? What aaare you?
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