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COLONY ID: N 0 E 74 "Perpetuance"
Received <SELF-SUFFICIENCY> completion code.

Monitor Stamp: Day 2 Hour 7
Location: Cantina 01
Sound Only

Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> Hear ye, hear ye, colonists of
Perpetuance. This village meeting will now come to order.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> A village?
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> We're seven people here -
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> And two bots. Nine.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> (sigh) We are seven people
forming a voting block and two non-voting bots. We have several distinct
structures instead of one dwelling. Being a Space Colony overlaps too much
with orbital habitats. So now we're a village. A Space Village.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> Then shouldn't we be a hamlet?
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> No soliloquys. It's against
Company policy.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> Alas.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> I called this meeting so that we
can formally take stock of what we've done and set our long-term goals.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Okay. Our mining and refining processes
at full working order now. We've got enough metal to build almost
anything, our shortage is bioplastics. Nothing to it but just to wait until
the first harvest.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> It shouldn't take too long.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> But it's not really starch for
bioplastic that we're concerned about here, right? The first batch of
potatoes aren't for eating.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> We could just build a Bar dome
and print out the Drinks Machine, you know.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> I'm a chemist, you're an
engineer. They day we can't put together a decent still is the day our
college education was wasted.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Hear hear.
Imprint ID "Jeffery Drake" Worker> We're welders. We can build it in
our sleep.
Imprint ID "Lamont Love" Worker> I hear you're growing lettuce there
too. I sure do miss some good kimchi.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> Good, good.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> And our 'medicinal plants'?
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> Growing well, sir. Once the
Starport is built, we'll have some trade goods.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Once we have a Laboratory
built, we can further refine those Medicinal Plants into Medical Supplies
and start growing some vitro-meat for a balanced diet.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Sorry, Sebastian, we're going to
have to delay building your Sick Bay a little longer.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> You lot had better stay healthy,
having nothing to do but to haul crates isn't restful at all.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> But this brings to attention our
long-term goals. What should we trade? We can trade for Metal, or Medical
Goods, or simple Food. Are we going to be known as miners, or farmers, or
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> It always did bug me why all
the Seven
were mining and cutting gems. You can't eat shiny rocks.

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