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Hello everybody! My name is Pietro, and we are back to playing Planetbase!
I had to do some spring-cleaning on the screencaps and it took some time to re-organize.
The in-game screenshot function saves them as PNGs, which is a good lossless
video format, but it also means a session can have up to several hundred megabytes of
pictures, which of course needs to be resized to something that's easier to upload. This is
a bit of a pain when my main hard drive is already almost full.

So, where were we? I guess we could build a Sick Bay in case our people get sick.

Or maybe a Lab first, so that the Medic can turn those loose Medical Plant produce
into Medical Supplies. And have some meat. Mmm. Fried potatoes and a nice slab of vitro-beef.

Maybe a Multi-Dome or a Bar, I don't know what they look like. Leisure facilities, why not.

Haha no of course not.

Before everything else, commerce! Capitalism, ho!

Besides, doing this means they won't be so trapped on this rock ball, I guess?
Looks like oxygen isn't much of a problem anymore when they're sleeping in shifts.
I actually do wonder now if with the increased volume of air in the base, all seven of them
sleeping in the same room would still drain it.

What was that sound just now?!
Whazzat? What's happening?
(panicky screaming and whimpering noises)


That's a thing? A thing we have worry about now?
Our domes are made of glass! GLAS- ...plastic? SOME FORM OF THIN TRANSPARENT
SHEETS OF MATERIAL! Who signed off on this mission?! Oh sure, come to the last frontier,
a place of adventure and freedom and RANDOM EXPLODEY DEATH.
Last update on March 23, 1:05 pm by Carlo Marco.
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