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Well at least it didn't hit anywhere vital lik- oooh crap that's right it is night and

That's not okay! NOT OKAY!

How can the Engineer just sleep through this?! Robot! We can only rely on you n -
gaah, you're a Carrier! Where is the Construction Bot?

Oh you're already there. Awesome! You da MVP.

Fix it. Fix it. Quickly. Quickly.


No. No! No, what is this?!

We have two two robots and both of them are in heavy disrepair. Is that really it? Our
Engineer is shirking his job? No! You're not allowed to strike for better wages! You were paid
in advance and get the rest on colony stock! NO!

Lookit them still trying to work. How admirable. Robots will never betray me.
I'm not going into a discussion on robot ethics and unpaid service here, because
they are obviously superior to all you meatbags. If this colony was mostly robots, we wouldn't
have needed to waste so much material on life support and big showy habitation domes.

Woo! Landing Pad built! Now ships can land and trade can commence and... can I
fire people? Can people be made to leave the colony? There's nothing wrong with healthy
flow of immigration and emigration - sometimes life on the frontier just doesn't click with the
city slickers, you know?

Apparently I cannot. I can only accept new colonists. Is that Visitor type intentionally
disabled? This Colony could turn into a tourist attraction? Woow.
But not today. Welcome to Hotel Perpetuance. Such a lovely place. Such a lovely
place. Such a lovely day.
I don't get an achievement or milestone for making sure these people aren't trapped
here, any time of year, any time of year? This is bollocks.
Last update on March 23, 2:20 pm by Carlo Marco.
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