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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to our little Planet Base!
We are still trapped on this lifeless red rock as before, but now with humiliation as
people get to look at our underfunded little colony, sell us vastly overpriced goods, laugh quietly to themselves, and then leave.
... you all signed up for this 'adventure'. Too late to have regrets.

Although, technically, while it might suck for colonists at the present, opening up new
land is almost always awesome for their descendants. Historically, it has almost always been the
most rewarding of hard effort. Sometimes colonies fail, but when they succeed, they are historic.
And I suppose that is the great allure of this sort of thing. In our world where everything
and everyplace has already been well explored, there are few physical frontiers left. Few places
where a person can just go, to start anew, to be judged only for who they are and what they can
do, instead of all the psychological baggage of their families or social standing.
I mean, it's not been that long when Australia was considered a dumping ground for
convicts and reactionaries and people who were fed up with the old society. What is it now? A
well respected nation of its own with a strong economy and high technology. If you were alive at
that time, and you had some idea of what would happen, what wouldn't you dare, what kind
of labor wouldn't you endure, in the knowledge that your children would grow up to be a part
of something utterly grand and new?

And instead of not being allowed to leave, it would more like be a case of not wanting
to oh cripes we are running out of power SUPER FAST.

Really, all this time we had one wind generator? And is that a Bot that has finally
broken down? WINNIE BEAN!!!

Oh there you are. Thank you for being awake and sober enough to DO YOUR JOB.

Wait, that's not the Construction Bot, that's the Carrier Bot. CNT-2. "Can Too!"
Heh. Never noticed that before. At least when this one breaks down, we can hope it
breaks down indoors, away from all the wind and dust and sharp temperature changes.

In the meantime, let's just connect these domes together to speed up going to the
airlock and reducing the traffic congestion with everything having to go through the storage

That thing is getting so full so quickly. Should I be worried about that? Should I have
built it larger?

Wait, what's that, I heard a sound -

Is that- YES! Ooh! Ooh! It's a visitor! Our first visitor!

You look cool! Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?!

You're a Medical Trader? At FIFTY-FIVE PERCENT MARKUP?!
Francis, buddy, Imma be yandere for you, but were you expecting us to already be
dropping like flies or something?
Last update on March 23, 1:06 pm by Carlo Marco.
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