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Yeah, why not just take some stamped metal and go.

I have no idea how planetary mining is in any competitive with asteroid mining in a spacegoing
civilization, but what the hey.
Or is that actually the problem? There is enough demand that orbital refining isn't
enough to meet the need. There's a few things I can think of that would require such heavy
need for raw resources and medical supplies even through heavy industry mass production.

The best scenario is that of a population in the grip of landlust, a colonization frenzy aiming
to claim as much territory as possible. The Colonization period in history writ large, and at
least in this instance there aren't indigenous peoples to fight and/or enslave. This also explains
the Piracy issue, since the Golden Age of Piracy followed soon thereafter.
Another of which is a rapid need to relocate populations. Those ships remind me
far too much of Serenity. Is that the sort of 'Verse that gives the Planetbase Corporation
so much power?
And the hungriest is, of course, ... war.

But that's not our problem right now. Let's not waste our power production.
Better to put this down while we have a surfeit of metal.

That looks like a good spot.

Maybe we should go bigger? No?

Eyy, just plonk it down there.

Oh and the landing site has also been cleared. Nice. Now we just need to think of
what to put in there. More power collectors, maybe a second solar panel? Being close to the
airlock makes it easier for maintenance.

SANDSTORM?! Oh heck no! I don't want any of that! No one wants any of that!

Security Controls! Yes, let us do that! Everybody get back inside!

Last update on March 23, 1:06 pm by Carlo Marco.
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