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I need a room for that?! I can't build a room for that!


Why can't you guys just shout at each other and choose to stay indoors?!

Like this magnificent idiot that decided "Ehh, I'm almost halfway there anyways,
might as well continue through this sandblasting wind and put in a full work shift"

Admirable. I wish I could assign medals. But stop that. Or you'll earn a Darwin Award one
of these days.

At least my decision to have two airlocks for convenience's sake is paying off. It's a very
short walk. They can wait it out.

Dr. Henderson> So where's that MedBay? The way things are going it is inevitable
that someone's going to need some fixing.

We're working on it! After the Lab! Promise!
The sand storm's starting to clear up.
Wait, is that -

Oh hello.
Last update on March 23, 1:07 pm by Carlo Marco.
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