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Survival milestone: GET.
Oh no, I made a mistake. It's going to be a long walk to get to the Mining site. The
Airlock is pointed the wrong way.

Or maybe I could put it here and just build a second Airlock? One airlock for arrivals and
trade, another just for miners and expansion of life support around this area?

I think this is a good place for the Bio-Dome. Eventually I will add connecting tunnels to
both Storage and Canteen Domes. Not only will this speed the transport of harvests and walking
routes of biologists, but perhaps the wafting scents of living plants would grant a subtle but
soothing quality for the environment.

And that's placed. Just connect the dome and we're good to go -


It crashed.

Video driver has stopped responding and has recovered.
Hang on let me just check something.
Last update on March 23, 1:57 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Ookay. So, I had replaced my video card just recently and it turns out my video drivers
still date back to 2014. Nothing serious.
It's fine. Specially since this is an Early Access game, some hiccups are to be expected.
I'm quite sure it has an autosave feature anyway. That's pro forma for games of this type.

Is... that it?

No. I am not going to
This is fine.
I am relaxed.
I am fine.
I can deal with this.
It was only a small amount of wasted time.
This time.

Actually, wait, that was a Quick Save. What key did I push? Where's the autosave?
No, I am SURE this has an autosave function. I found the autosaves for the previous
failed colonies. Is it because the game has not actually lasted long enough yet to trigger the
So... that mistaken keypress was actually... lucky?!
My progress was saved by my own ineptitude?!

I don't know what to feel about this.

I -insist- you all put everything back the way it was before!

The Time Lords are no longer here. Now the LAWS OF TIME OBEY -ME-!

There are those who might call me mad. MAD WITH POWER!
But your companies can no longer save you. Not your space governments. Not each
other other. Only me.
And I refuse to allow you all to die. Not this time. Not so soon.
Last update on March 23, 1:57 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Cripes! Adding new structures one after the other is thinning out oxygen all through
the base! I can see now why they build domes first before the connecting tunnel between them.

For some strange reason, they are building everything so much faster.
Great! Put everything back the way it was. For tiiiime is a riiiiver -
Rolling into nowhere.
We must live while we can
And we'll drink our cup of laughter

Ohh crap and now we are out of power. The lights must not go out. The breathing
machines must not fail. This will be my self-imposed Achievement in this game - at no point
should the colony run out of power.

For the night is dark and full of terrors.

Hang in there. It's almost daylight.

Yes! Success! You have survived your first night at Pietro's.
And on this day, we rest.

Oy what is this now. The oxygen generator can't handle it when everybody's asleep
in one room? This is just seven people. The Oxygen Generator promised to support twenty!
The system is stressed, but still within tolerances.
Good. Sleep.
You have deserved this.
Sweet dreams.
Last update on March 23, 1:57 pm by Carlo Marco.
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COLONY ID: N0 E74 "Perpetuance"
Received <SURVIVAL> completion code.
Colony Asset Value: -1000 Coins
Colony Recovery Value: 36

Monitor Stamp: Day 1 Hour 7
Location: Cantina 01
Sound Only

Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> We worked for nineteen hours straight
yesterday. I guess all that exhaustion crashing on stims gave me a funny dream.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Was it a penguin?
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Whu - how'd you guess?
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> You're the last to wake up, Winnie B. We
all had the same dream.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> You know these were two previous
failed colony efforts on this planet before us? The records behind their
failure are still sealed by The Company.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> I was dreaming about this penguin
screaming 'blood on my hands!'. You?
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Spooky. I had the exact same dream.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Think it means something?
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> A penguin. On this cold but surface
waterless planet? I'm not sure how to interpret that. Shared dreams might
just come from similar stimuli.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> So instead you're saying something
happened while we were all asleep? That doesn't sound any better. It makes me
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> I'll have a look at the activity logs
later. If this is a prank, it is in poor taste.

Last update on March 23, 1:57 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hellooo everyone! It is I, Pietro, and we are still playing Planetbase.
After taking the time to sleep on it, now I also feel refreshed and raring to go build
up this little colony of ours on the way to sustainability and success.

First, let us continue the previously interrupted projects. The unbuilt dome on the right
is the BioDome, the one being placed is the Processing Plant. I had considering giving them a full
day off, but we're wasting valuable crop growing time.

Go, robot! Go, robot! You da MVP!

Something really needs to be done about this.

All right, now let's have a look at the crop pads we can build.

Pea pad: Fast growing time, high maintenance, produces Starch
Rice pad: Fast growing time, high maintenance, produces Starch
Potato pad: Medium growing time, regular maintenance, produces Starch
Wheat pad: Medium growing time, regular maintenance, produces Starch
Maize pad: Slow growing time, low maintenance, produces Starch

And then the food-only crops:

Tomato pad: Fast growing time, high maintenance,
Lettuce pad: Fast growing time, high maintenance
Onion pad: Medium growing time, regular maintenance
Radish pad: Medium growing time, regular maintenance
Mushroom pad: Slow growing time, low maintenance

And medical plants. Or we put some trees in there if we wanted.

That would be the ur-example of luxury for a space colony. Look at this long thick hardwood of
mine and worship it.
... sorry.
Last update on March 23, 1:58 pm by Carlo Marco.
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... aaaanyway, needless to say, I put down all high-maintenance but fast-growing crops
save for one medicinal plant pad. You can see also where I put the mine and the second airlock.

Everything seems to be going well.

Our bots are getting damaged. They are due maintenance. Eventually I think there's
a facility for repairing them automatically and building new bots.
The mine is now being used. Two workers on the night shift. I'm sure they'll appreciate how
short a walk it is to get from the mining site back into the colony when there's a dust storm.

But why is it taking so long to build the crop pads?!

Ooooooooooohhhhh. We were out of Bioplastics.

No choice but to disassemble the Colony Ship, then. Bye bye.
I feel like Cortez burning his ships, giving no choice but to succeed or die trying.

No Satre.
Last update on March 23, 1:58 pm by Carlo Marco.
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And while that's going on, we might as well get the Processing Plant working in
preparation for the raw materials input.

And as dawn rises, new life springs forth on this cold dead planet.

Ah, Self Sufficiency achievement reached. That reminds me of something -

How many Colonists does it take to reach Self Sufficiency?
One Solipsist at Sufficient Sophistry!

Okay that was a bad pun. I am sorry.

Holy crap, Willie Double E, what at are you doing? Drink something! Eat something!

Oh, that is what you are doing. Never mind then.

I cannot zoom in any closer than this. Your name is far too mysterious. Are you male or female
or a novelist?

And there's Winnie B. I'm thinking the lone Engineer, responsible for the physical
stability of the base is a shoo-in as base commander, but for some reason a part of me feels
that this is a person that prefers to just work quietly in the background.

I mean, an Engineer solves problems. Not philosophical ones like "Why am I here?" or "How
do I pay back my debt to society" but practical ones. Like "Let's not all choke or freeze to
death" or "How do I keep our robots from murdering us in our sleep". There are no prima
donnas in engineering.

Survival is the primary motivation for colonists. But for the colony as a whole,
why do you exist?

So I'm left thinking that the one in charge is someone who can balance between the needs
of the colonists, keep them safe and motivated, arbitrate conflicts, and keep an eye on the
colony's main function as a profit making enterprise.

And with that placed, the base has achieved TRUE self-sufficiency.

Metal fabrication is critical because the power structures require only metal in their

Mad with power? Mad from lack of power.

What are you? What aaare you?
Last update on March 23, 1:59 pm by Carlo Marco.
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COLONY ID: N 0 E 74 "Perpetuance"
Received <SELF-SUFFICIENCY> completion code.

Monitor Stamp: Day 2 Hour 7
Location: Cantina 01
Sound Only

Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> Hear ye, hear ye, colonists of
Perpetuance. This village meeting will now come to order.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> A village?
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> We're seven people here -
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> And two bots. Nine.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> (sigh) We are seven people
forming a voting block and two non-voting bots. We have several distinct
structures instead of one dwelling. Being a Space Colony overlaps too much
with orbital habitats. So now we're a village. A Space Village.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> Then shouldn't we be a hamlet?
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> No soliloquys. It's against
Company policy.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> Alas.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> I called this meeting so that we
can formally take stock of what we've done and set our long-term goals.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Okay. Our mining and refining processes
at full working order now. We've got enough metal to build almost
anything, our shortage is bioplastics. Nothing to it but just to wait until
the first harvest.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> It shouldn't take too long.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> But it's not really starch for
bioplastic that we're concerned about here, right? The first batch of
potatoes aren't for eating.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> We could just build a Bar dome
and print out the Drinks Machine, you know.
Imprint ID "Homer Hoffman" Biologist> I'm a chemist, you're an
engineer. They day we can't put together a decent still is the day our
college education was wasted.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Hear hear.
Imprint ID "Jeffery Drake" Worker> We're welders. We can build it in
our sleep.
Imprint ID "Lamont Love" Worker> I hear you're growing lettuce there
too. I sure do miss some good kimchi.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> Good, good.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> And our 'medicinal plants'?
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> Growing well, sir. Once the
Starport is built, we'll have some trade goods.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Once we have a Laboratory
built, we can further refine those Medicinal Plants into Medical Supplies
and start growing some vitro-meat for a balanced diet.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Sorry, Sebastian, we're going to
have to delay building your Sick Bay a little longer.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> You lot had better stay healthy,
having nothing to do but to haul crates isn't restful at all.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> But this brings to attention our
long-term goals. What should we trade? We can trade for Metal, or Medical
Goods, or simple Food. Are we going to be known as miners, or farmers, or
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> It always did bug me why all
the Seven
were mining and cutting gems. You can't eat shiny rocks.

Last update on March 23, 2:20 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hello everybody! My name is Pietro, and we are back to playing Planetbase!
I had to do some spring-cleaning on the screencaps and it took some time to re-organize.
The in-game screenshot function saves them as PNGs, which is a good lossless
video format, but it also means a session can have up to several hundred megabytes of
pictures, which of course needs to be resized to something that's easier to upload. This is
a bit of a pain when my main hard drive is already almost full.

So, where were we? I guess we could build a Sick Bay in case our people get sick.

Or maybe a Lab first, so that the Medic can turn those loose Medical Plant produce
into Medical Supplies. And have some meat. Mmm. Fried potatoes and a nice slab of vitro-beef.

Maybe a Multi-Dome or a Bar, I don't know what they look like. Leisure facilities, why not.

Haha no of course not.

Before everything else, commerce! Capitalism, ho!

Besides, doing this means they won't be so trapped on this rock ball, I guess?
Looks like oxygen isn't much of a problem anymore when they're sleeping in shifts.
I actually do wonder now if with the increased volume of air in the base, all seven of them
sleeping in the same room would still drain it.

What was that sound just now?!
Whazzat? What's happening?
(panicky screaming and whimpering noises)


That's a thing? A thing we have worry about now?
Our domes are made of glass! GLAS- ...plastic? SOME FORM OF THIN TRANSPARENT
SHEETS OF MATERIAL! Who signed off on this mission?! Oh sure, come to the last frontier,
a place of adventure and freedom and RANDOM EXPLODEY DEATH.
Last update on March 23, 2:20 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Well at least it didn't hit anywhere vital lik- oooh crap that's right it is night and

That's not okay! NOT OKAY!

How can the Engineer just sleep through this?! Robot! We can only rely on you n -
gaah, you're a Carrier! Where is the Construction Bot?

Oh you're already there. Awesome! You da MVP.

Fix it. Fix it. Quickly. Quickly.


No. No! No, what is this?!

We have two two robots and both of them are in heavy disrepair. Is that really it? Our
Engineer is shirking his job? No! You're not allowed to strike for better wages! You were paid
in advance and get the rest on colony stock! NO!

Lookit them still trying to work. How admirable. Robots will never betray me.
I'm not going into a discussion on robot ethics and unpaid service here, because
they are obviously superior to all you meatbags. If this colony was mostly robots, we wouldn't
have needed to waste so much material on life support and big showy habitation domes.

Woo! Landing Pad built! Now ships can land and trade can commence and... can I
fire people? Can people be made to leave the colony? There's nothing wrong with healthy
flow of immigration and emigration - sometimes life on the frontier just doesn't click with the
city slickers, you know?

Apparently I cannot. I can only accept new colonists. Is that Visitor type intentionally
disabled? This Colony could turn into a tourist attraction? Woow.
But not today. Welcome to Hotel Perpetuance. Such a lovely place. Such a lovely
place. Such a lovely day.
I don't get an achievement or milestone for making sure these people aren't trapped
here, any time of year, any time of year? This is bollocks.
Last update on March 23, 2:20 pm by Carlo Marco.
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COLONY ID: N 0 E 74 "Perpetuance"
Received <STARPORT> completion code.

Reviewing Colony License.
... Trader Licence ... GRANTED
... Immigrant License ... ON HOLD
... Touristry License ... ON HOLD

Transmitting Orders:


--- BAR

--- 100 COINS




< END >

Monitor Stamp: Day 4 Hour 3
Location: Storage 01
Sound Only

Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Bloody hell The Company's
exercising the right to order us to tear down and rebuild in the name
of more 'efficient' base layouts.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> That's the Build Order? New
Exterior Structures are still on our initiative though. And looks like we
have to build as many corridors between domes as possible.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> That's a structural weakness.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> That makes it faster for
us to walk from place to place. We have no choice, looks like The
Company is set on turning this place into a tourist trap.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> ... so we are to become a
dude ranch.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Duuuude. (implied finger pistols)
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> Duuuude. (pew pew noises)
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic> (sigh)

Last update on March 23, 2:21 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to our little Planet Base!
We are still trapped on this lifeless red rock as before, but now with humiliation as
people get to look at our underfunded little colony, sell us vastly overpriced goods, laugh quietly to themselves, and then leave.
... you all signed up for this 'adventure'. Too late to have regrets.

Although, technically, while it might suck for colonists at the present, opening up new
land is almost always awesome for their descendants. Historically, it has almost always been the
most rewarding of hard effort. Sometimes colonies fail, but when they succeed, they are historic.
And I suppose that is the great allure of this sort of thing. In our world where everything
and everyplace has already been well explored, there are few physical frontiers left. Few places
where a person can just go, to start anew, to be judged only for who they are and what they can
do, instead of all the psychological baggage of their families or social standing.
I mean, it's not been that long when Australia was considered a dumping ground for
convicts and reactionaries and people who were fed up with the old society. What is it now? A
well respected nation of its own with a strong economy and high technology. If you were alive at
that time, and you had some idea of what would happen, what wouldn't you dare, what kind
of labor wouldn't you endure, in the knowledge that your children would grow up to be a part
of something utterly grand and new?

And instead of not being allowed to leave, it would more like be a case of not wanting
to oh cripes we are running out of power SUPER FAST.

Really, all this time we had one wind generator? And is that a Bot that has finally
broken down? WINNIE BEAN!!!

Oh there you are. Thank you for being awake and sober enough to DO YOUR JOB.

Wait, that's not the Construction Bot, that's the Carrier Bot. CNT-2. "Can Too!"
Heh. Never noticed that before. At least when this one breaks down, we can hope it
breaks down indoors, away from all the wind and dust and sharp temperature changes.

In the meantime, let's just connect these domes together to speed up going to the
airlock and reducing the traffic congestion with everything having to go through the storage

That thing is getting so full so quickly. Should I be worried about that? Should I have
built it larger?

Wait, what's that, I heard a sound -

Is that- YES! Ooh! Ooh! It's a visitor! Our first visitor!

You look cool! Who are you? WHO ARE YOU?!

You're a Medical Trader? At FIFTY-FIVE PERCENT MARKUP?!
Francis, buddy, Imma be yandere for you, but were you expecting us to already be
dropping like flies or something?
Last update on March 23, 2:21 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Yeah, why not just take some stamped metal and go.

I have no idea how planetary mining is in any competitive with asteroid mining in a spacegoing
civilization, but what the hey.
Or is that actually the problem? There is enough demand that orbital refining isn't
enough to meet the need. There's a few things I can think of that would require such heavy
need for raw resources and medical supplies even through heavy industry mass production.

The best scenario is that of a population in the grip of landlust, a colonization frenzy aiming
to claim as much territory as possible. The Colonization period in history writ large, and at
least in this instance there aren't indigenous peoples to fight and/or enslave. This also explains
the Piracy issue, since the Golden Age of Piracy followed soon thereafter.
Another of which is a rapid need to relocate populations. Those ships remind me
far too much of Serenity. Is that the sort of 'Verse that gives the Planetbase Corporation
so much power?
And the hungriest is, of course, ... war.

But that's not our problem right now. Let's not waste our power production.
Better to put this down while we have a surfeit of metal.

That looks like a good spot.

Maybe we should go bigger? No?

Eyy, just plonk it down there.

Oh and the landing site has also been cleared. Nice. Now we just need to think of
what to put in there. More power collectors, maybe a second solar panel? Being close to the
airlock makes it easier for maintenance.

SANDSTORM?! Oh heck no! I don't want any of that! No one wants any of that!

Security Controls! Yes, let us do that! Everybody get back inside!

Last update on March 23, 2:21 pm by Carlo Marco.
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I need a room for that?! I can't build a room for that!


Why can't you guys just shout at each other and choose to stay indoors?!

Like this magnificent idiot that decided "Ehh, I'm almost halfway there anyways,
might as well continue through this sandblasting wind and put in a full work shift"

Admirable. I wish I could assign medals. But stop that. Or you'll earn a Darwin Award one
of these days.

At least my decision to have two airlocks for convenience's sake is paying off. It's a very
short walk. They can wait it out.

Dr. Henderson> So where's that MedBay? The way things are going it is inevitable
that someone's going to need some fixing.

We're working on it! After the Lab! Promise!
The sand storm's starting to clear up.
Wait, is that -

Oh hello.
Last update on March 23, 2:22 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hi, Ivan! So you're an Electronics Trader, eh? Cool, cool. These manufactured
goods aren't things we can produce just yet with our fledgling colony.
Specifically- BOTS! You are the bringer of work robots! Hello my new best friend!

  • Carrier Bot - 60 Coins
  • Construction Bot - 160 Coins
  • Driller Bot - 160 Coins

Quite affordable, all considering. We could even eventually replace most of our workforce,
so that everyone can just lounge around noveau petit burgouise with an uncomplaining robotic

Ivan, buddy, please. Why you gotta do this to me? Was it the 'robotic underclass'
joke? The implication that you're a robotic intelligence slave trader? I'm sorry.

You're only paying five Coins for Food crates? Okay, fine, what sort of goods do you

Just throw everything valuable in there ooh that's expensive. That's too expensive.
It's not worth it to have one more Construction Bot or Driller Bot in exchange for selling off
Spare Parts or Medical Supplies, critical high-value supplies we need to keep our life support
systems maintained and for our people to, you know, NOT DIE.

I can't replace all the workforce with coldly logical efficient machines of planetary exploitation.
Not just yet.

Maybe just a Carrier Bot instead? We could improve throughput through the base
for the next trader when when the crates will be carried by speedy robots on treads even
when the settlers are asleep or eating or relieving all their other bodily functions.

When we rely on mass trade of low-value goods like food, this could take a while. Thus the
value of trading for Coins despite the horrible exchange ratio. Time is literally money.

Yeah you better be grateful. With another hauling robot, now you have even less to
do ya wanker.

With that done, the Storage Dome doesn't seem so small anymore. While they were
moving around carrying crates from the base, I thought I saw something interesting. Were they
wearing powered exoskeletons?

Ugh, this maximum zoom. I really can't make out any details about each individual colonist.

Wait a second... hmm. There's this button in the structure info window that I haven't
tried before.


Wahahahahaaaat?! I didn't know could do this! Has this always been here?

I have access to the security camera! I can PAN the view! I CAN SEE THE FUTURE!

Last update on March 23, 2:23 pm by Carlo Marco.
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