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You look cool! You have bubblegum pink hair! That's awesome! Who are you? Who are you?

... are you Wilson? E.E. Wilson?! Ella Elinor Wilson?

Who are you? You look mean!

You're the Chief Engineer?! Whaaaat?

Winston Bean is a retired Hitman?! Or pro wrestler? Pls no. Pls no r̶e̶s̶t̶r̶a̶i̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶r̶d̶e̶r̶ breaking my
spine over your knee. Winnie B, I have no bad intentions for Willie Double E. I'm paparazzi, not a
stalker. Just looking for an interview for this planet's hotshot novelist.

Oh boy. I guess I can understand now why everyone's lax about him sleeping late on shift.

And this person hanging out in the Bio-Dome is... Sebastian Henderson. Chief Medic and
Colony Team Leader. Hi, Doc.

You look kinda cool. You and your popped collars. Eyyy.

Oh, Luciana Burke! Our Chief Biologist. I didn't expect you to be ol... ag... veteran? Experienced?

Sorry. Ugh. Somebody just shoot me now before I stuff my foot even further into my mouth.

But it does make sense. Why is a person with a Doctorate going out into space to grow cabbages?
Because sometimes you need to do Science with your own hands. You look like a person who
has negative clucks to give anymore about the petty politics of academia.

Where are the others? They are mysteriously missing.

Dang it, Jefferey! I knew this would happen.

Ooh. You have broken bones? That sounds awful.

But we still haven't built the Medbay!

Trauma injuries? What does that mean? Please try not to bleed out while we're trying
to get the medical facilities up and running.
But... a splint? Can't you bandage up something in the meantime, Doctor Henderson?
Could you please try not to be so useless?
Last update on March 23, 2:23 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Aaand it looks like our original bot is in urgent need of repair.

WINNIE BEEEE! Are you still sleeping? Don't you growl at me. This is your job, I'm willing to
risk getting German Suplexed if it would get you moving.

This bot is loitering around the cantina, I don't know why. Is it hoping for colonists to
just randomly trip over it or something?

Oh hi, Ma'am Burke. Boy, that bot sure fled in a hurry. You're the only one that
Winston Bean fears.

Well at least the Laboratory's been built.

The Workbench is where the Medic can transform Medicinal Plants with Bioplastic into Medical
Supplies. What is this alchemy.

Well, at least it gives Doc Henderson something to do in the meanwhile. But seriously, get that Sick Bay built.

Actually I ordered three Tissue Synthesizers to be built, but it turns out that we didn't
have enough water. Since my last colony venture ended up with everybody dead from
DEHYDRATION, I guess they can make do with just two meat flavors.
Which would be Chicken and Beef, because most things can taste like chicken, and
beef is more savory and textured than pork anyway. They can wait until the Christmas on the
local calendar for hams.

Oh hi.

Great googly mooglies! Fourty percent is actually a decent rate! Muchas gracias,
It's just such a pity I have nothing worth trading. Here take this, so that your time
here at least wasn't a total waste.

Doc. Seriously. Can you level up from hauling stuff?

Bye bye! Take care! Tell your friends! Let them know that we're not dead yet.
Last update on March 23, 2:23 pm by Carlo Marco.
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It is morning. And appropriately enough, it took this long for Winston Bean to actually
get up. He repaired the bot on the way to building the Sick Bay. Finally!

Actually wait, we still have to put medical equipment in there. This ain't voodoo after
all. But where's the Doc anyway?

Is that him? No, working at the Tissue Synthesizer, so obviously a Biologist. That's
Homer Hoffman.

... I am just going to assume he was named for the author of the Illiad and the Odyssey.

OUT OF WATER?! AGAIN?! We will have to do something about that. Also, Jeffery is
still injured but has nowhere to rest. Do we have enough Bioplastic for this, or do I need to
disassemble another Tissue Synthesizer?

Naaah. I think meat products have a higher market price? Water Extractors only need
Metal to build anyway. This should do it.

So I turned off Beef meat synthesis and wooow we are barely meeting the target.
Turning this colony into a space agrarian paradise is going to be more difficult than it first
appears. Ore and Metal are continuously produced and require only Workers. Plant and Meat
production surges and require Biologists. On the other hand, they don't run the risk of injury
or to leave the base.
Unless a meteor strike hits the dome and kills everybody inside. Arrgh.

And just as I said that, I find that Jeffery Drake is in the Bio Dome to soak in the smell
of the plants to relieve his pain.

Ohhh. The 'medical plants'. Yeah I getcha.

Anyway as you can see over on top, someone's thirsty.

Checking up on the Processing Plant, we can verify that Bubblepink IS E.E. Wilson.

Hey, where you goin'? I'm not a creeper, honest!
Last update on March 23, 2:24 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Oh, you're just taking a break. Okay.

Did these two bots just move to patrol where E.E. Wilson just moved through?

Are they... talking?!

Yes, they're literally just conspiring there.

While everyone in the base is off to sleep and WHAT, I HAVE TWO PEOPLE INJURED
NOW?! When did this happen?

Oh thank goodness, it's not Willie Double E.

Wait. She's the only Worker we have left. Of the three Workers, the only one not injured. The
other two male Workers have trauma injuries.

The one injured is named Lamont Love.

And there's a bot guarding the entrance to the Dorm. While she sleeps.
Dammit, Winnie B.

There has to be a limit to your over-protectiveness.
Last update on March 23, 2:24 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hellooo everyone! It has been a while. My name is Pietro, and we are still playing Planetbase!

Now we see that both our injured workers are hanging out inside the Canteen and who there-
Is that a person being scolded by a robot?

Are you sorry?
Say you're sorry.
And no more 'accidents' will happen.

It's daytime now. The SickBay has been built, but it looks like we have a shortage of Bioplastic.
We have two crops producing Starch on harvest. That is a major bottleneck. We will deal with that
later, because we have a visitor.

I must say, that is one badass looking paint scheme. What is that, some sort of orange comet?

Oh and the Bed has been built; let us get through this trade quickly so we can see how the colonists get

Oh. OOOOHHHH. It's a grain stalk. I was looking at it from the wrong angle. That makes more

Unfortunately, we have little use for a food trader at this time.

[ interest piqued ]

Well I guess I'll be treating the colonists to something better than potato vodka?

No more vodka for you. This is not what we meant when talking about making and using
alcohol for medicinal purposes.
Last update on March 23, 2:24 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hellooo everyone! It has been quite some time.

This is Pietro, and we are again playing Planetbase!

All right, last session we have finally completed the Sick Bay. Lamont Love now merely
awaits free medical attention that is part of the terms of his contract. Also, wow, Workers are fit.
I wonder if this is merely from the employee selection process, or this is far enough in the future
that gene therapy is a thing.

Hiiii Doctor Henderson. Still hauling stuff I see.
I would really love to see you finally doing your job.

You put one Medicine into the bin. Then you take out one Medicine from the bin.

I am just going to assume that was necessary for bookkeeping purposes. Corporate regulations,
watcha gonna do? All are assets.

Dr. Henderson> So, what really happened here?
Lamont Love> I fell down some stairs.
Dr. Henderson> Some suspiciously jackhammer-shaped stairs, huh?
Lamont Love> Doc, for your own sake, don't look behind you.

Huh, that's weird. What's this bot doing just hanging around the Sick Bay at this time?

Dr. Henderson> Hm.
Lamont Love> Ow.
Dr. Henderson> I would hesitate to call this well-deserved, but just because your last name is Love
and that we are trying to create an agricultural colony, doesn't mean this place is meant to be a
retro hippie free love commune.

Lamont Love> What's a hippie?
Dr. Henderson> An ancient order of philosophers.

Lamont Love> Man, I can't wait for the time we're allowed to accept new colonists or tourists.
Dr. Henderson> They say love is blind, so you should really avoid running into any more walls.
Lamont Love> Hah, message received, doc. Message definitely received. Hard to miss the writing
on the wall when it jumps up to smack your face.

Yeees, I'm quite sure that bot just did the equivalent of this.

(assorted squishy splinty sutury medical noises)

And after some time, Lamont Love is more-or-less serviceably back on his feet.

Which means he can now get the hell out so that someone else can receive medical

Man, the doc's bedside manner is so brusque. Unfortunately, there's no one else here for it...
not even a nurse. Imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be if your general practitioner
could only be Dr. Gregory House?

We really need that second bed built. Hot-bunking medical beds is untenable. I do like how the
bed is a power recliner though. It looks so dang comfy! Now I want one.
Last update on March 23, 2:24 pm by Carlo Marco.
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All right, now how are we doing on the Bioplastics front?

Is that E.E. Wilson? Working hard as usual, I see.
And a Bot nearby for security as usual, I see.
Wait, I heard a sound. What was that just now?

A meteor strike?!

Ohh that was a close. That was way too close. Look at this place. We put in enough redundant access
points in case a dome is hit, but we are still so very helpless!

Time to panic!


Okay, panic time over.

Hmm. What do I NEED for anti-meteor defense? It's going to take a long time before I get my big
honkin' space laser. Redundant corridors aren't enough. Maybe we should spread out the buildings.

For instance, maybe they feel a bit cramped with this one dorm dome by now. I do have the technology
for better sleeping quarters now.

Really, this is weird. If you check the daylight meter on the top of the screen, it really has been
some minutes, and CR-3 has been standing there all this while watching over Willie Double E while she

Hi there, Winnie B. Fancy seeing you around here. Willie 2E's just left, you know?

If you start putting up any more secret cameras, Madam Burke is going to throw you to the ground.
It doesn't matter if you look like a pro wrestler, you know she can judo your ass any day. Perhaps you
should concentrate on doing your job instead of worrying over your surrogate daughter?
Last update on March 23, 2:25 pm by Carlo Marco.
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COLONY ID: N 0 E 74 "Perpetuance"

Sick Bay Completion Signal received.

Reviewing Colony License.
... Trader Licence ... GRANTED
... Immigrant License ... GRANTED
... Touristry License ... ON HOLD

New Colonist Clearance Granted.

Awaiting 'Colonists Welcome' Signal from Landing Pad

Monitor Stamp: Day 13 Hour 6
Location: Cantina 01
Sound Only

Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> With this we have all the requirements
to receive new colonists.
Imprint ID "Lamont Love" Worker>
No we don't. We still need a Bar to serve
real alcohol and a Multi-Dome to relax in.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic>
You are again conflating ease of
living for necessities. We do NOT need to pamper new arrivals.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> More importantly, we are seven people
and have but eight beds.
Imprint ID "Sebastian Henderson" Medic>
We could do hot-bunking. Some
of us do have a more nocturnal sleep cycle.

Imprint ID "Jeffery Drake" Worker> We'd rather not, boss.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer>
I am building a private Cabin for our
female colonists. We have the materials.

Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Sure, sure. That would be nice.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> I will not stand for this pointless

Imprint ID "Lamont Love" Worker> I would like to lie down without any more
broken legs, please.
Imprint ID "E. E. Wilson" Worker> Um... be more careful during your work

Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> It will be a most excellent cabin.

Last update on March 23, 2:25 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to our little Planet Base. Say it with me: Perpetuance Persists!

Okay, here's our plan.

We are going to relocate some of the environment control structures from up 'north' down here
next to the mine. Maybe the Water Generator pumping out water from the aquifer would help
subterranean resource extraction too.

We will demolish this Water Generator to free up room to build a Cabin.

We will see if we can fit something into where the Power Collector sits, later.

Winnie Bean is on the job. Yaay.

... literally everybody else are asleep.

Okay, so let me say "Yaaay!" with far less sarcasm.

Why is this taking so long?

Oh, stupid me. It has already been built. I forget to place the connection.

The Cabin looks smaller than the Dorm, but seems to have a rounder, tougher shell. Yes, I feel
they are capable, yet comfortable, emergency shelters in a pinch. Much more asteroid-proof than
the rest of the base.

Okay, while that is on the way, I noticed that three of our four Planters have been damaged
for some reason.

I think this explains now why Winston Bean was headed back to the Water Generator just freshly
built. We had three Water Generators at some point, with water supply well in excess of what we
needed. Maybe some of the plumbing were out of spec and water spewed out at too high pressure?

The Medicinal planter then showed damage, because we had to shut off the water supply while
the previous three were being repaired.

Oh hello.
Last update on March 23, 2:25 pm by Carlo Marco.
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AN: Due to dropbox changing its linking policy, I will have to go back and change the URLs for all the hundreds of images linked to in this Let's Play. Apologies, but this might take a while.

Last update on March 16, 9:05 am by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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AN: Great news! All of these images are now natively hosted on newtribez. They're not going to be disappearing again anytime soon.

No, Myron Salisbury, let us sell YOU food. (And 'medicinal' supplies)

Actually, isn't that how food dealers work in the first place? Buy wholesale, sell retail.

Ugh, we ran out of Starch at some point. Fine, since we are building new rooms anyway,
let us delete some of these bunk beds.

Bang. Bang. There you go.

You lot had better be motivated to build, or else some people's going to be left sleeping out
in the cold tonight.

There we go. Good work, bots!

First, let's go back and check on our Starch shortage issue.

I removed the Medicinal Planter box to add another Potato pad. We can do without Medicine for now,
we have enough reserves.

Aw, shite, no! It's night already! There are not enough beds!

What have I done?!

Why aren't you done?!

Lamont, what are you doing?!

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Monitor Stamp: Day 16 Hour 18
Location: Dorm 01
Sound Only

Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> No, I will not stand for this obvious
sexism. You have worked hard today, you deserve to rest easy.
Imprint ID "Lamont Love" Worker> No, please, no. I'm going to be alone
in that new Cabin.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> No need to feel guilty, young man,
There are currently five beds for seven people. We are all on the night
shift, this is no issue.
Imprint ID "Lamont Love" Worker> Please. I'll be just fine on the floor.
Imprint ID "Luciana Burke" Biologist> Do it.
Imprint ID "Lamont Love" Worker> (whimpering noises)

Imprint ID "unknown" unknown> I can seee you.
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You know what, screw it.

I, Pietro, am a spiteful god! I am the Destroyer! I am the Coming Storm!


The angels shall weep at my passing!

There shall be no shelter, no succor.

I have only barely managed to keep myself from disassembling the food pads.

But more seriously: now we have enough BioPlastic to build another Cabin, for a total of eight much
more comfortable beds (eventually). May you be incentivized to prioritize work on this as the morning comes.

Whiiiich is actually going to take a while for me. The weather station has reported an
really strong incoming cyclone. Power will be out soon.
Yes, I had completely forgotten that is a thing that happens in this climate.
Liquid water falling from the skies. How silly.

Last update on March 26, 9:56 am by Carlo Marco.
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Hello, everyone! This is Pietro.

I am posting this from my phone right now.

Power is out, though the cell towers and
3g internet still seem to be up.

It is daytime. It's all a mess of white outside.
The wind is howling. Temperature is nice
and comfy.

Feels like home, really.
I'm an ice shelf penguin, you know.

My family is very traditional.

But work abroad is where the money's at.

I'm not overly worried because here I live in a
fairly solid apartment. Because great storms like
this are rarer, I do worry that houses out there
aren't so designed to resist cyclones of this

So I'm going to take a nap and
when power's back let's see what's up with
our little Planet Base.

Bye for now!

Last update on March 27, 11:45 pm by Carlo Marco.
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... I am done.

Something about the dust and dampness and static electricity
ruined my motherboard. I had to replace it.

But it was incompatible with my previous Windows installation.

I had to reformat my boot drive.


(offscreen) What are you doing?

Leave me to my misery.


 (offscreen) This is Diet Cola.

... as I said, misery.


  ... I know.

... I know I've let you down.

... Perpetuance has fallen.

Last update on April 11, 2:22 pm by Carlo Marco.
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