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Monitor Stamp:data corrupted
Location: Outdoors

Sound Only

Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> can anyone hear me?
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> they took everyone...
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> they left me behind, thinking I was dead...
but the bots...
the bots stayed with me.
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> don't send anyone else
Imprint ID "Winston Bean" Engineer> stay away, for god's sake, don't look for us
Imprint ID data corrupted
Imprint ID liberate tutame
Imprint ID "Winston Bean"> they came out of the dust...


Last update on April 15, 8:15 pm by Carlo Marco.
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So my parents got me a new computer.

  Really? That's great!

  No, it's not! It's like they're trying to bribe me
away from activism or something.

I'm not making a cry for attention here!

  I mainly watch videos. I don't even know what to
do with this thing.

I too have a computer.

I play Chess on my computer. Minesweeper is
diverting as well.

You guys are literally causing me pain here.

Could we at least see the specs?

Hang on, I think it's... this one. <linkety>


The specs on this thing are insanely good!
The way you mooch food off me I completely forgot
that your parents are rich.

  This doesn't make me happy.

  Sorry. I am only distressed for unfulfilled
potential. There are so many applications and games
I could recommend now.

There are so many unique experiences and constructed
worlds we may now share.

I don't like violent games.

I too, do not enjoy achieving levels through
the mass slaughter of mine enemies. It is not a role
I wish to play.

(my friends are filthy casuals)

(that is fine)
Okay, management games. Simulations.
Those are things too.

What's so fun about playing at doing work?
The more realistic it is, isn't it the more pointless?


Last update on April 22, 9:22 pm by Carlo Marco.
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All right, how about this?
I found something interesting.


Isn't that Mister Pietro?

Watching someone play a game
rather than playing it ourselves? I fail to
understand the point of this exercise.

Yeah, isn't that spoilers?

Yes, well, that mainly applies to
games with a narrative. Most simulation
games rely on the player's own imagination
for story building.

Sounds lazy. 

Is it not the developer's job to
produce a story for the player to enjoy? 

Not all games require a story!
Tetris doesn't have one, for example.
Sometimes all that is needed is to test the
player's skill and planning ability.

Just like with most other things,
there is the feeling of personal triumph
when you prevail over a difficult obstacle.

So, while I will say that you don't
need to play old-school Nintendo Hard
games, it is not as necessary to feel positive
with AAA titles with super-detailed realism.

Some of the greatest stories told in video
game format have been done because of
the limitations of their hardware.

Sometimes the story you build with your
own imagination can be greater than any
writing team can accomplish, because it
is yours.

This is because my computer is
weak, is it not? 

... it is. 

But we can all watch videos, so...


(Mister Pietro, I am so sorry.
But your suffering will help educate others.)





AN: Let's Play Planetbase Again! starts tomorrow!

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Teaser #3:


So I want my friends to understand
consequence-driven gameplay. It's more than just
violence or twitch reflexes.

So I need something simple and easy
to learn
, but with appreciable complexity the more
you play.

Something that isn't another clicker game
app. Something that will force them to think about
their decisions in the game as things that matter.


  Oregon Trail.



Last update on May 2, 3:34 am by Carlo Marco.
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Hello, everyone. It is I, Pietro.

I have returned.

Now, as frustrating as recent events may have been, the least it can be said that Perpetuance did not fall as
much as it... vanished. At least this time my colonists did not die. They were not... as comfortable as they
could have been, but they were cared for, and they survived.

They simply vanished, mysteriously, the Roanoke of their time. Insurance does not cover random acts of god.

I hope they do cover meteor impact though.

Or is it at-fault if we fail to build a space laser in time from the plans they have so 'helpfully' provided?

Today we will return to where it all began.

Yes, yes, very useful information, thank you. Get on with it!

Ahh, here we g-


It crashed.

Will need to figure out which mod is responsible.


AN: This thread from here on will be updating Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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We have returned!

They say madness is doing the same thing over and over again in expectation of a different
result, but I ask you - have you not heard of erosion?

Learn you from the example of Dashrath Manjhi, the man who broke through a mountain with
nothing more than a hammer and chisel worth about a couple of goats and his stubborn old man

Hammer your face against a mountain long enough, and eventually your face will win!


  So, once more we have landed.

   In seriousness, I have identified it is the Storage Mod that was causing the crash, and since
the camera mod is more important it is no loss.


(whiissh) (vroop)

Hiiii! Welcome, welcome!

One small step for woman, one giant leap for penguinkind!


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> I have a bad feeling about this.


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Company said there used to be a colony here.Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ... well, in this general location.
Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Did we land in the wrong place?
Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Maybe some pirates and salvagers already got here
before us?
Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> An empty base is valuable enough, but not to live in, that
kinda just makes you a target. Tho it's a treasure trove for any Nomad with a Builder Beam.
Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> There's nothing here.

Ident ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot>

Ident ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Nothing here but dust and whispers.

Last update on May 10, 9:38 am by Carlo Marco.
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The coordinates for the landing are the same as before: N: W:74. Or in more
comprehensible terms, right on the Equator, somewhat halfway into the Western hemisphere.

 Now, it might surprise you to know that I did have a reason for picking these coordinates. Have
a look at this map showing the frequency of asteroid strikes on Earth.


As you can see, most of the strikes happen in the temperate regions of the planet. The
least happen in the poles and around the equator.

What I didn't know was what would happen if I plugged the location of Perpetuance into the
GPS coordinate finder. 0, -74 turns out to be...

  Somewhere near the southern border of Colombia. Huh.

As you can see, very low risk of asteroid strikes there too.

  Unfortunately, this sort of thing is not modeled by the game. It adds unnecessary
complexity. I remain unduly worried by a happenstance asteroid strike killing us all.


Anyway, back to our little planet base:


It looks... the same? I thought each landing zone was procedurally generated.

Well, not totally identical. Here we see the advantage of the camera mod. I would
never have been able to zoom out this far before.

  Those are some suspiciously similar blackened areas on the terrain though. Right over
where my base used to be.

All right, enough looking around. Put it down.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Order received. Constructing.

Uhmm... guys?

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> First Law update received. Monitoring. Stand by.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Proceeding to carry out work order.

Surely you're not going to just have the bots do all the work?

 None of you lifted a dang finger to help build the first steps required for your own survival!

You rassafrassing bunch of freeloaders!

Last update on May 13, 4:49 am by Carlo Marco.
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Hello, everyone! We are back playing Planetbase!

 But first, a major shout-out and kudos to @Chaff, who said:

Incidentally, I’m ambivalent on the applicability of your chart for asteroid impacts. Since Earth
has both tectonics and erosion to contend with, it’s uniquely unsuited to observations concluding
correlation between latitude and asteroid impact probabilities. Mind, so is Venus (hella erosion there),
and Mars has its own little erosion problem to contend with, not to mention the dichotomy between
its two hemispheres throwing another spanner into the works. Mercury is a bit close to the sun for useful
statistics, methinks, but may be useful.

Which is a very good point. Let's see how that looks.

As you can see, this topographical map of Mercury has some interesting information for us.

I'm not sure about how the distortion affects things, but Mercury has so many impacts all over it might as
well be regular distribution. There seems to be more impacts in the southern than the northern hemisphere.

But look precisely along the equator. As you can see, noticeably the strikes leave smaller craters there. It seems
to make sense to me, because most projectiles aren't going to approach along the ecliptic, but dragged in by
the sun's mass. They would more likely to impact first along the subtequatorial zones. The largest and most
clustered impacts still happen along the +/- 25 to 60 degrees. Most other smaller asteroids and comets follow
the ecliptic because the larger ones have already been attracted by the sun or the other planets.

Mercury has a very slight axial tilt of only 2 degrees, which makes it ideal for figuring out the frequency of
strikes. It has no atmosphere, nothing like the Moon to get in the way, so we should be seeing everything it has
endured since its formation.

But it turns out there is a flaw in my methodology.

Axial tilt. The same qualities that make Mercury ideal for figuring out the distribution of asteroid strikes through
geological timescales also mean that it has such a slight tilt shared with only two planets in our Solar System -
Venus, and Jupiter.

All other planets have much more noticeable axial tilts, which means they have such thing as  they have such
thing as seasons. Earth's equator does not follow the solar equator, which adds to the frequency of strikes along
sub-tropical zones. Most planets have a slight 3-7 degree variance in their orbital inclination, but this is not enough
to matter.

While it is unlikely Planetbase models this, reading up on the posts at Steam, the developers have said
Planetbase runs at a 3:2 day/night cycle, which certainly implies pronounced axial tilt.


So I guess the colonists aren't any safer after all. Project DOOMLASER is our only hope.

 So let's get back to our crazy lazy pioneers.


All right, fine. Would you help if there's a larger room for you to hang around in?

Well apparently you would!

This palliates more your bourgeoise tastes.

Anyway, we have plenty of resources, and considering how central a Storage Area needs to be, I would feel better
if we had with a larger dome from the start. Later I'd have to build another storage dome, demolish this one, build a
a bigger one in its place, and then demolish that other dome - or just have two domes in the first place.

In terms of materials usage, much less efficient. It's not like this one takes that much longer to build.

And I while I see the oxygen generator has been built, it has not yet been powered and supplied
with water to crack. Let's fix that, lickety-split.

There you go. No problems. Oxygen levels still above 50%, and it's been most of a day. We can do this.

You'll do this. You'll be just fine.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> Come on, children, move it. Move.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> Pick it up, put it down, put everything in their proper places.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> We only have so much time to make this planet ours.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> Can't you see it? It's so beautiful.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> Well, maybe not.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> Where we're going you don't need eyes to see.

Last update on May 20, 12:26 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Waiit a second.

Melynda Hopman is a biologist. She should not be building.

Maybe I misclicked? The click didn't register and I'm looking at the Engineer?


Wait over there is the Engineer just having finished building the oxygen generator. You can see by the
orange patches on his shoulders.  What is happening here?!

Oh wait. I see. It's the Construction Bot. Well good work, good buddy!

Now that all essential structures are built, the humans can enter their new home and Not Die.


Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Praise received. Acknowledged.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> This unit is a good boy.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Processing. 

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Processing. 

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> ...

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot>Does this unit have a soul?

Ok. They're all inside. There's power. There's air. Now we need to handle liquid intake so that the
sad and also somewhat ludicrous fate of the second colony does not fall upon them.

Your rations were pastaaaa. How did you even eat?

And depending on the type of pasta, cooking then would not require much water. Macaroni would not
be edible at all, but depending on whether all noodles are pasta but not all pasta are noodles, your instant
ramen should be eatable on their own if with some difficulty.

You all died of thirst, but the saying goes - three minutes without oxygen, three days without water, three

weeks without food (if you have water and shelter)! So does this imply that the Planetbase 'day'

is much longer than an Earth day? That is plausible too.


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Hello? Why are you guys just sitting around? We have more work to do.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> It's too soon to celebrate.

Imprint ID "Bill Fox" Biologist> Your heart is clouded. You are not ready.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ... eh?

Imprint ID "Bill Fox" Biologist> Leave.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ... whatever.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> I'll go haul stuff from the Colony Ship then.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> (whispered) Freakos.



Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> Come, children, gather around.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> The time is nigh.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> The night is so lovely.

Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> The darkness calls for us.


(power loss noise)


Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot>May I have yours?

Last update on June 16, 6:44 pm by Carlo Marco.
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No! No! How could I have been so dumb as to forget again?!


There's no power collector! It's night! We have no power whatsoever!!!

Although over there there the Wind Generator is still pending building.

Come on, bots! I can see you! You can do this!

 Save this intractable bunch of indolent idiots!


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Oh, look at you.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> These robots sure in a hurry.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Kinda cute though.


C'mon. C'mon. Water extractor still unpowered, but we have the wind generator up, and there is excellent wind speed.


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Why is it so dark in here?

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ... are you jerks drunk? Already?! Oh for cryin' out loud!

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Am I the only one on this planet who cares about this job?

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ... well, except for the bots.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Good bot. (head plate patting sound)


Log ID "CR-1" Carrier Bot> Women and children first.


And you, Young William Fitzpatrick, you still have plenty of air. Why don't you lay down some more habitat domes so that you can drink and sleep?

Young Fitzpatrick. What an odd name. Are also you a novelist like Ella Elinor Wilson?

I miss Willie Double E.

Imprint ID "Young W. Fitzpatrick" Engineer> Yes. Indeed, soon we shall sleep.

Imprint ID "Young W. Fitzpatrick" Engineer> I can see you.

Imprint ID "Young W. Fitzpatrick" Engineer> In flickers and shadows you are born.

Imprint ID "Young W. Fitzpatrick" Engineer> A creature of sand and madness.

Imprint ID "Young W. Fitzpatrick" Engineer> I can see you.

Imprint ID "Young W. Fitzpatrick" Engineer> I am you.


(whispering noises)

Ident ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot>We never asked for this.


What is going on?! Why are you running out of air?!

You have POWER. The Oxygen Generator is WORKING. Wind speed is at MAXIMUM.




Imprint ID "Melynda Hopman" Biologist> Ha- hahahahahaha... ha... h....

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> AAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAH!

Base Alert> Warning! Warning! Colonist casualties detected!

Base Alert> Lifesigns ceased!

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> What the-?!

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> AAAAAAAAAAH!

(loud indistinguishable screaming echoing in the tubes)






Last update on July 5, 6:50 am by Carlo Marco.
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Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> AAAAAAAAAAH!

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> AAAAH WHAT THE CRACK?!

Log ID "CR-1" Carrier Bot> <report> Colonist in distress.

Log ID "CR-1" Carrier Bot> <response> Sir. Please calm down.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> <report> Colony asset value decreasing at unacceptable rates.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> <received> Directive: Secure. Monitor. Contain.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Sir. Everything is fine.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> All will be well.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> Please cease glandular malfunction.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> By the Killer Queen! Is there a taser around here somewhere?

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> AAAAAAAAAAH!

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker>  Gunpowder and gelatin! Get a hold of yourself, man! You'll scream your lungs out at this rate! What's wrong?


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker>  What? What happened? WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> I can't...

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> They didn't...

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> The walls... the walls were hungry.

(sobbing noises)

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Ugh, what in the universe.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Stay here, okay? I'll go see what's going on.

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> NO! DON'T! Don't go in there... don't let them get you too!

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> <response> Base sanitation protocols initiated.


Do not go in there. DO NOT.

If it wasn't for that it would be waste of time and resources at this point, I would demolish that doomtemple to my incompetence.

You're all that's left. You must survive.

Drink. Eat. Sleep.


Survive me.

It is the dawn of their first day.

Put down that power collector now that we have no pressing need of it.

Log ID "CR-1" Carrier Bot> <response> Delivering resources.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> <report> Colonist Conley unresponsive in fetal position near airlock.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> <report> Colonist Meadows vomiting in Oxygen Generator room.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot> <response> Recommencing base sanitation procedures.

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Fine. So be it.

We'll try to deal with this.

I won't reload the save. This is still recoverable.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Wake up! Talk to me, you crazy cultist! What really happened here?!

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> I told you.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> This isn't right. This can't be happening.

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> I told you. They're in the walls.

Wait, what was that just now?

Meteor strike?

Really? REALLY?

As if I didn't need any more reminders that 'You suck, I can end you arbitrarily!'

  Ohhh you're a big rock.

Meteor strikes are even more dangerous than I had feared. They would shatter even the largest of domes.


Like... "you can stone me and spit in my eye?" 

  But all right. Let's focus on survival first. Canteen is set up. Plenty of air.
Put down some seats and a food machine to take care of the two other basic requirements for survival.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> No, this has to be some crazy experiment or something.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Maybe a localized gravitational disturbance... thingy.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Walls don't eat people.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ...

No, just remembered that liquid intake is a separate thing. Ah! Just in time.

Wait, what are you doing, Meadows? I've never seen the models kneel before.


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> I sanctify these walls in the name of The Queen.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Mamma Mia, let me go.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Bismillah, let me go.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Put aside the devil for me.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> For meee.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Mamma Mia, let me go.


  This game has not lasted long enough for an auto-save. I should just manually save it here.


Yeah, sure. I'll make note of that.

 They're only two people, it's not like they're in danger of starving to death anytime soon.

Last update on July 24, 9:01 pm by Carlo Marco.
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Hello, everyone. It is I, Pietro, and we are back playing our game of Dungeon Keeper Planetbase.


All right. Taking stock of the situation. We have plenty of food, plenty of resources.


We have laid down the Dorm, so that they have a place to sleep. Construction pending on the Dining Table and

the Meal Maker in the Canteen.


Semi-pressing concerns is that we lack redundancy in our power supply. One solar, one wind generator and one

power collector. While that is more than enough for the present installations, we will require more as we place

more buildings for metal and bioplastic production.


Storage Area is still a creepy chaos temple.


So empty. So creepy.


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> I'm not going in there.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ... why can't we manually close these environmental containment doors?



Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> No. No, I'm not going to let my fears control me.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> If every place that people died in gets supernatural weirdness, Earth

would be thick with ghosts from all its battlefields and trampled cities.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Come at me, show yourself!

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> I don't believe in bad luck!

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Easy come, easy go!



Dax Conley is slightly less depressed about this.


By the way, have you ever noticed that people carrying stuff wear powered exoskeletons? However, just because

the technology has powered frames doesn't make it a given that they have powered armor.  If they survive

long enough to be attacked by bandits or recruit security crew, we'll see.


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Little high, little low. Don't let me go.


Materials placed, now just waiting for the furniture to be built.


A plant for ambience, a table with two chairs, and a water fountain. That's really all they need right now.



Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> Did you find anything?

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> There's nothing there. Those are just some regular old walls.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Last night was... was just a hallucination, yeah. A trick of the light.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Of the shadows.

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> Then I guess we'd better never let it get that dark here again.


Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> (singing) ♪ It's an adventure, it's a career! Join the Company, enjoy your

benefits, enjoy your energy, be the hero of the new age. Explore, wonder, pioneer! ♪


(sobbing noises)



Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot>Long term isolation project commencing.

Log ID "CNT-02" Constructor Bot>Observation protocols engaged.


Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> I want your blood - um, I mean, I want a hug.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> ... okay?



Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Lie to me.

Imprint ID "Dax Conley" Worker> It's... it's going to be okay.

Imprint ID "Gerri Meadows" Worker> Hahaha I could almost believe that.

Last update on April 12, 12:11 am by Carlo Marco.
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