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MERSTORY Ch4 - 113

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It's past midnight.
I'm staring up at the moons.

"What do you want?!" I scream up at them.
"Why are you doing this? 
Think it's funny to play with people's lives like this?!"

I pick up a stone and throw it at their reflection. "I never asked for this!
I'm not the hero type!
I never wanted more than a comfortable life.
You can't put people's lives on my hands!

If you can save them, just do it!
Why are you torturing me like this?!"

Why you so angry?"

I let out a pinched 'yeek!' of surprise' 
"... oh. Aqua."

Your blue hair is shining like crystal under the moonlight.

 So earnest is her expression, 
so full of concern
I can only answer honestly.

"It's just... I'm tired, you know."
I sigh. "This thing is way outside my realm of competence. " 



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