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MERSTORY Ch4 - 114

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"Back home, as powerless as I may have been
under the modern society and even all its ills
at least there was 

It's a thrill to accomplish things by my own hands
but I'm not strong enough,
I don't know the things I should.
I'm tired of being so powerless."

"You have not more or less power now
than you had before."

"No. No, even if I had no power...
with money and a phone call I could expect assistance
from professionals and specialists.
That's how human society works.
We have generalists and specialists.

Me? Trying to help?
I don't have the breadth of knowledge to be a generalist
Nor the depth of knowledge to a specialist...

The modern world relies upon the sheer expanse
of human knowledge, and its technology.
We are incomplete without civilization.

It's cruel, Aqua.
It's cruel to make me act like I'm someone to be trusted."


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