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MERSTORY Ch4 - 115

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"But you helped. 
I trust you and you did good."

"... I should have done more!
If she dies... I don't know if I'll be able to bear it.
I'm expecting failure, and it hurts,
because I don't want her to die!"

"Then why worry?
You did all you could." 

"That's... that's the problem.
I'm only strong because you expect me to be strong.
I'm wise because you believe me to me wise.
I'm so afraid of ruining your expectations.

But it will happen.

I'll fail you.

Because I'm weak. 
I'm ignorant.
I'm educated - 
but that only tells me how much more knowledge 
I foolishly decided to think was irrelevant to the modern man.
I don't have the power
And I don't have the proper tools!"

I point up at sky and yell again.
"At least you could have given me more than just three things!

Or enough practical literature!"

Aqua laughs.


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