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MERSTORY Ch4 - 122

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We flee.
Our work wasted
Our home lost to us

Our happy days discarded.

Yet I am glad.
Isso is fearful,
but never for himself
He fears for my sake
For my sister

And that fear he feeds into anger
And that anger he molds
into terrible purpose.

We raft up the river
The living forest, dry land
All the mystery of green
welcomes us in unfamiliar song

He does not yet understand
He calls me Aqua, <Water-born>
I am <the Swiftest Swimmer in Blue>
I swim no longer
I live in fear no more

He does not know
When he speaks his name, what I hear
Is <Iason><Healer><Hunter>

Oh beloved
Someday you will understand. 

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Last update on June 9, 12:59 pm by Carlo Marco.
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