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MERSTORY Ch5 - 123


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Quick recap:


My name is Jason.

For some reason I’ve been taken in my sleep
to some sort of strange fantasy world.
For the past several months I’ve been
stuck here on this weird tropical island.

 I’ve had to rediscover on my own -
completely superfluous wilderness survival skills.
That is, things taught to the boy scouts
now just for fun in our modern, electronic
globalized society.

I remembered none of these things.


This is Aqua.

She’s a mermaid.
I’m not ashamed to say
I wouldn’t have survived this far without her help.


This is Official, the SEAL PRINCE.
No, seriously, I am quite sure there's a Phocidaic monarchy
down there somewhere.

Together these past few months,
despite being exhausting and terrifying at times
they have been the best days of my life.
Aqua seems to feel the same way.

But our idyll had to suddenly end.
To be replaced with stark terror and urgency.

We had to flee.

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