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Muscle Strain helped by Potato compress

Muscle strain is the stretching or tearing of muscle or tendon that most commonly occurs with sports leg and ankle injuries. Your sprain could leave you a couch potato or you could follow my journey. I was struck with excruciating calf leg pain after pushing a heavy trailer. All I could do was slump to the ground and wait for someone to support me. I was taken to the emergency department where an X ray revealed a 10 centimetre tear in my calf muscle. Once the diagnosis was made I went straight home and applied a potato compress with fast relief from the acute pain. After the bandage was firmly in place I spent the rest of the day and night lying in bed with my leg elevated. The next day, I then applied another compress and by the end of the day, found myself already able to walk with a slight limp. A pressure bandage was applied the third day and by the fourth day I was out mowing the lawn. That was 10 years ago and I haven’t had any trouble walking since.

A poultice is when a moist mass of natural substance is applied to the body to relieve pain, inflammation and poor mobility; the application to an affected part, of grated brownish washed potato. Its purpose is to isolate and draw of the toxins by absorption. The effects of a poultice and a compress are similar. A compress breaks up congestion and disperses it into the bloodstream. Its good reason why the treatment should commence within a few hours of the sprain occurring.

The International Journal of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, (2011) found that the drawing properties of potato was successful in the treatment of sprains. Potato is very affective when excessive build up of acid occurs because of the high levels of potassium. The effectiveness of Potato poultice is due to the fact that the potato mixture is highly alkaline and quickly absorbs and neutralizes the excess acid. Potato, (Solanum tuberosum), like tomato, is a member of the deadly nightshade family (Solanaceae). The deadly nightshade group of plants contain belladonna-like or atropine-like compounds. The amount is very small in the case of potato, but still enough to have a certain anti-spasmodic effect.


Obtain a large piece of cotton cloth about the same size as two handkerchiefs. Grate two potatoes directly over the cloth leaving a wet mush. The temperature of the potato treatment should be cooling not warm. Wrap this mush around the sprained area and pat evenly right around the limb. Wrap plastic or ‘glad wrap’ around the cloth, being careful to turn the edges of the plastic back under about an inch to prevent leakage. Then bind semi-firmly with an elastic bandage to keep the whole thing in place. Once completed, immobilize the limb to avoid leakage and elevate. Remove all the dressing in the morning. With this treatment one application is not enough; instead two applications should be applied over the next one two days.

Research facts are continuing to show that remedies such as this potato treatment for sprains, the tearing of muscle or tendon, is becoming more convincing each passing year. I congratulate you in being a part of the ‘natural way’ of healthy living.

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