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MERSTORY Ch5 - 125


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Our new home rather than made of bricks and flat rocks,
was built rapidly out of mud and tree fronds.
This close to the waterfalls is a damp and chilly environment.
We built a shack on top of the waterfalls.

And now, Aqua turns to me and excitedly exclaims -
"Isso! Look! Sister waking up!"

Awesome! That's great news!
We ran so far for her sake, 
that we may not be so easily be found
by creatures who set her loose to find other mermaid pods.

She blinks, slowly coming into awareness.
She looks up at Aqua, who beams back in return.
The mermaid's face twists up in grief and relief.
Aqua pats her head and clicks sounds of assurance.

After a while I pipe up too "Hey, there-
Remember me? Good to see you again.
Are you in pain?"

The mermaid looks at me.

Then she screams.
She rips the water bowl off Aqua's hands and pitches it at my face.
"Oww!" My nose!

Aqua grabs a fistful of her hair and slams her sister's face into the ground!

Aqua, what the hell!


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