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MERSTORY Ch5 - 126


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Aqua, what.
What are you doing, Aqua?!
What’s the point of saving her 
if you’re just going to injure her further?

The mermaid hisses and clicks at Aqua
and she gives back a furious tirade in turn.
I don’t understand anything.
So instead I just pull Aqua outside 
before they start fighting again.


“Aqua, what’s the matter?
Just when I thought I could finally begin to understand you…
And then you do this?!
Why would you do this, Aqua?!”

She huffs and crosses her ams over her chest.
“No thanking! ,” she huffs.
“If harms protector then no needs protecting.”

“Aqua, what makes you think I even care about that?
She’s just been through a harrowing ordeal.
I don’t need you to be violently overprotective for my sake...

You asked me so save her with such desperation before –
There’s still so much that needs to be done for our survival…
Now I can’t even be sure of leaving you two alone... 
that you wouldn’t start killing each other.”

“No killing,” Aqua says with a smile.
“Only beat until behave.”

Aqua that’s still bullying, whyyy.


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