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MERSTORY Ch5 - 127

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But we have no choice.

I must trust Aqua. I can't just stay here.
Someone needs to keep going back to the shoreline.
There's so much to do!
So much to disassemble!
So much to emplace!

I've chosen to set up our new home here on top of the cliff
Overlooking the waterwall is easier to defend.
Aqua can't go out to fish anymore, we can't risk it.
The scent of a mermaid in the waters,
She can't run back to safety,
But she can't hunt or forage in the forests as well
due to lack of ability to climb.

Aqua must be going stir-crazy here, being unable to contribute.
But that excuses nothing about her behavior.
Aqua, please.
I need to go.

Come along, Official.
Let's see what's still salvageable at the old home base.


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Last update on July 22, 12:38 am by Carlo Marco.
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