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MERSTORY Ch5 - 129

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As I approached our wattle and daub hut, I heard Aqua shout angrily

"(What is wrong with you?
I am only teaching you these simple things
That will make life easier on land!
I am trying to help you, sister!

Why are you so ungrateful?!
After all that we have done to save you!)"

And the other mermaid responded
in their clicking language
"(Be grateful? To you?
To that two-legs?
Do you really think I came all the way here
Just to be safe?!"

You are the Swiftest Swimmer in Blue!
You were our best scout!
While you abandoned us...
While you were happy here on land...

We were being hunted!
We were being butchered!

They found us.
They found us stupid and happy for you.
We scattered, but they were so fast....
We fought with sound, but they had too many...
The Elder told me to find you.
Only the fastest swimmer can bring the pod together again.

But you will not lead us!
I refuse to let you lead us!

The Elder was slow, she knew what would happen to her
Because you abandoned us -
They all died because of you!)"

There was a sound akin to a mermaid getting punched the face.

Aqua leaned out the window to get her angry breathing under control.
"Oh. Isso!
Since when you here?"

"... long enough, Aqua.
Long enough."



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