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MERSTORY Ch5 - 131

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So many things in the modern world we take for granted,
so many hard-earned lessons through thousands of years
of human civilization, of blood and toil, and pain, and triumph.

I will never fail to respect what we have again.
This disposable culture of ours, and its waste...
What is truly valuable in our society now?

The only thing we can't buy.


Okay, seriously, being on that island -
Trying to work out everything from first principles,
The lack of tools, the lack of knowledge,
was only really annoying in how much time is wasted in trial and error 

If I could take one thing -
If I could improve one thing -
If I could try again -
What is the most important factor? 

More steel tools? Food? Seeds? Books?  A gun?

What should I take to keep Aqua safe?

Big bro, you're the one who kept trying to teach me to learn by myself,
To take wonder in the world instead of being delivered its amusements.
Even though I never appreciated it before,
We never get to talk like this anymore...


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