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Because you're dead.

The family has never really recovered from you leaving us.

We never really took the idea of depression seriously before.
After all, what would someone who wins at life so much... 
What's anything feel to be depressed about?
Any talk about quitting would just sound like whining.

Compared to you, I'm just a pale shadow.

And now, I'm gone too.

I should feel more sad about this...
It feels like our parents have lost enough...

But I don't regret meeting Aqua.
I guess that's just how love works.

After you... if ever I manage to return,
I guess they'd be happy enough that one of us
has found real happiness in life.


So the question is...

What do I value?

What should I bring back to protect that which I hold most dear?


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Last update on December 4, 11:04 am by Carlo Marco.
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