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When I come back to my senses, it is morning.

"Isso, is you now?" Aqua asked.
"I understand the water-song,
You went to somewhere that I can't follow
I hope what you found there
was worth what you gave up.> 

I look around.
I see Teqa has been tied up and gagged
With a black eye purpling on her face
Awake and staring at both of us
with a wary lack of hostility?


"Aqua is voice of mer-girls now," she replies firmly.

I'm not sure if it counts as a coup or regime change
if there's only two people in your government, Aqua.

I blink.
I blink again.
Wait... there's something important I'm forgetting.

"Isso, here." Aqua shoved a bag into my hands.
Wait, this thing is made of plastic,
where did it come from?

And inside...

I couldn't help a demented little giggle.
"Behold the instrument of our salvation!
Behold! CORN!"

Aqua replies, "What."


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Last update on December 4, 12:20 pm by Carlo Marco.
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