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A few days have passed since then.
Teqa still glares at me,
but I'm reasonably sure she won't try to kill me anymore.
Aqua's brutal coup d'etat is a complete success?

Well, ours is still a tribe of three.
"Aqua, you're still going to go out there
to find and collect the other mermaids of your pod, right?"

Aqua proudly thumped her chest.
A leader is responsible for her people!
Her smug face - Aqua! So cute!
I want to pinch your cheeks!

Seeing my potato face, Aqua leans closer
and we rub cheeks for a little while.
Teqa makes disgusted retching noises.
... stop being so salty, Teqa. 


But all right.
I can't stop Aqua.
As much as I am so afraid she'll be hurt
Her bravery is part of the reason I love her so much.
So I can only prepare this place
to receive the rest of her people.

See, if Aqua didn't need to try to lead her pursuers away
she wouldn't be wasting energy or speed,
and so she'll be much faster,
Bringing others along in her Song, the Song of Speed.
She is safest when she is unbound.
I am beginning to understand how magic
permeates the laws of this world.

See, it's not just crops that can see accelerated growth.
Bamboo already naturally grows super-fast as far as plants go.

I am but a man. A human. A child of Land.
And if some merfolk try to fight me on the ground of my choosing-
they'll regret how in the ocean you can't build fortifications!



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Last update on March 31, 10:00 am by Carlo Marco.
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