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But, ironically, leveraging Mermaid Song Magic
actually meant that I needed to go out even more
to look for interesting and useful plants to grow.

Since we can't fish, and Aqua and Teqa can't explore well
into the jungles halfway up the mountain,
I needed to set up and check the traps daily.
We need protein.

Whatever strange power brought me to this place
has gifted me with some basic starter crops 
Corn would be most useful if I could just catch some birds.
Pheasants, I think?
That's what wild chickens are called?

How burgoise. 

As much as it scared the heck out of me -
Aqua has also set off to search for other mermaids.
She's been gone for two days now...
I've been trying to distract myself from being sick with worry.



That's not a siren!

That's an Official Seal Prince,
and Early Warning System,
screaming in fear!


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Last update on March 31, 8:45 am by Carlo Marco.
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