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The harpies back off.

Then, to my surprise,
some of them bring out sticks of wood and tinder,
and their leader brings out from his low-slung satchel
gripping with his long thin fingers like chopsticks
a triangle-shaped slab of flint.

He puts it down on the ground and made a trilling noise.
Then he begins to strike at the flint with his talons,
causing sparks,
until the tinder ignites, and the other harpies kneel down
to blow on it to make a fire.

The harpy leader turns to me
and gives me such a Look,
as if saying

"You thought you were so cool
thinking you invented fire, didn't you?"

All right, that's it.

You want summa dis?
I raise my fists.
Ya wanna start something, Birdy McSmugFace?!

He just gives me a cackling laugh,
flaps his wings,
and then all of them just leave.


At some point during this,
Official had somehow gotten down from the tree.
He gives me a placating pat on the knee.

I sigh.
"... let's just go home."


We leave the fire burning on the beach.


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Last update on March 2, 5:35 am by Carlo Marco.
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