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It is night by the time we return back to our little redoubt.

Surprisingly, the surroundings are... clean.
As in, the harpies must have taken all the corpses.
... to eat them, maybe?
Not quite sure if I should be horrified about that.

Teqa greets me by throwing things at me again.

"What is your damage, woman?!
Uh, wo-mer!" I scream back hoarsely.

"You... you... you!
Isso, you dumb! You super dumb!"

"... Teqa, I am crashingg...
I am too... tired for your crazy this ebbening.
Please. I beg you-" I groan back.
"I don' even care any more why you're soh ungrateful...
Try to kill me tomorrow inshtead."

"I was scared! I was so really scared!
You only care about Aqua, Aqua, Aqua!>"

"Well of course I would bloody well care-"

"You hear, but you not hear!
Every day you so loud-
You scream and scream and scream
You always so loud!
You hear but not hear-
You only think you understand...

(You and Aqua clearly deserve each other)"



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Last update on March 31, 9:18 am by Carlo Marco.
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