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He sleeps now.

Rest, my beloved.

"Aqua! You crazy woman!
There are sky-eaters here!
We are not safe here!"

I glance aside and ask
"Did you hear it?"


"Did you hear his Song?"

"... I did, but-"

"His people has a word for it.
A word that we have never needed
because for so long we thought that the powerful
should take whatever they wanted,
because that was just how the world worked.

But there is power in weakness.
Coming together to make strengths.
Instead of just the weaker members of the tribe
sacrificing themselves to allow the many to survive.

To fight EVIL you must have JUSTICE.

Might alone does not make it right.
And we will never have to fear it again."

"... I don't understand it.
His song was not a killing song.

Every day he is just screaming
He doesn't know.

He was killing and killing
and his song brought fear into their hearts.
But his song was just a Lonely Song.

Looking for you."

"Oh, Isso."
I stroke at his sleeping face.
My heart burns -
You make me burn.

"How sickening," Teqa spits.


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Last update on March 2, 7:09 am by Carlo Marco.
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