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It is morning now.

Aqua is back and everything
is all right with the world again.
I don't understand what she had to go through
trying to find her pod sisters.

"(You are all survivors!)"
Aqua shouts out this early morning 
making a motivational speech like Patton or something.
"You have survived where others have failed!
Others like us, so afraid,
that we tried to flee to land.

But you know... look at us!
Look at our fins.
Look at his legs!
This is why we have always failed!)"

"Um, Aqua, what-"

"(We have never been able to run.
All those times, sea-daughters all failed-
We could never hide far enough-
No place we could go that they could not reach.
We have never been able to fight them.
... until now!

You know what is the difference!
You know who hunted them as they hunt us!
You know now what needs to change!")

"Um, Aqua... this is kinda embarassing..."


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Last update on March 31, 10:37 am by Carlo Marco.
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