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Aqua introduces me to the pod sisters
she had managed to find.

From left to right, she points
"Is... umm..
Taya - (Swiftness Without Endurance)
Riqa - (Listener of Distant Waves)
Laka - (Singer for the Noncompliant)"

Aqua explains how each mermaid
has certain affinities for their Song,
and how their personalities shape
their personal Song, and their personal... power.

Aqua explained that was the
Because she was both fast and adventurous.

Taya could be even faster in short bursts,
but she could not augment her sustained speed 
because she hesitated to be so far from others.

Riqa was basically a sensor,
able to detect emotions from a distance.
And was the pods last line of detection-
The pod managed to scatter in time,
ahead of the Mer-men's approach,
but that only meant that a few would be captured
instead of the whole.

Lastly, Laka could sing to command sea creatures.
For some reason really extroverted personalities
worked best for this special mermaid power.

But before anyone else could say anything,
once again we heard Official screaming.


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Last update on April 14, 11:00 pm by Carlo Marco.
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