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We hurried up to over the waterfall
but instead of a sea-doggo in distress
we find him standing guard over a heap
of meat that someone dropped off.

Meat with blue skin.


"Sky-eaters were here!" Aqua exclaims
and speaks regarding the cut and dressed carrion
"They give us meat to eat.
Is nice of them?"

She looks at me questioningly.

"Dump it," I reply firmly.
She looks taken aback at the look in my eyes.
"Aqua... this is bad meat.
To eat the flesh of other thinking beings,
that's where the madness comes from."

"... they called Sky Eaters, because they eat us.
And the mer boys... they also..."

"Cannibalism is where the madness comes from!"
I insist again.
"That's not justice, Aqua.
That's not even revenge.
Please believe me on this."

Aqua nods. "Always."

And then she suddenly frowns.
"If they give us this...
(Did they take any of our stuff?)"


Oh no!
Those bloody magpies!


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Last update on April 15, 12:26 am by Carlo Marco.
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