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After carefully closing all the windows
and with Aqua blocking sight lines through the door,
I remove one of the woven floor mats from a corner
and dug up the soft soil beneath.

Still buried there is the all-important medicine box.
My machete is still by my side,
because being weaponless is foolish at this time,
and the little multitool still fits in my pockets.

Everything else here is replaceable.

"(They stole our clay pots!)" Teqa reports.

Replaceable, but annoying.
We'll have to go back to coconut shell bowls for a while.


And so with this Aqua tells the three new members
to our strange little island crew -
"Listen! Remember this!
Here we can depend on no one but ourselves!
Here you are not safe!"

"(Then what is the point of staying here
if the sky eaters are not going to fight
the two-legs for us?)" says Laka,
pouting as she crosses her arms over her breasts.

"(It is still somewhat safer than the open ocean,)"
Riqa replies softly.

"You will all be fine as long as you remember
the first rule!" Aqua shouts.

"(What is the first rule, chief?)"

Aqua grabs my face and pulls me over.
"This one is mine!
Attempt to take him from me at your own peril!"

Aqua, stahp. Aq-


The three mermaids (and one Seal Prince) hoot and cheer
and laugh at my embarassment.
Teqa just sighs.



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