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Now Aqua could range out into the ocean with confidence
that the enemy could be detected long before they approached,
because she IS the swiftest swimmer there is -
she can actually haul along another mermaid at speed.

What is this oceanic AWACS? (or SWACS)
Sonar instead of radar.

What they brought back was almost a truckload of coral.

Teqa demonstrated that the special power of her song
could soften and shape coral like clay.
Which is amazingly useful!
With applications ranging from custom tools
to a substitute for cement.

I'm sorry Teqa.
Despite that you tried to kill me several times now
You are a good person to have around after all.

The crossbows I built earlier were easy to use, 
but demonstrably had their disadvantages.

I noticed that the Merboyz had long thrusting spears
and never really bothered to throw them.
I think their shoulders don't actually rotate that far?

Dammit, we should have at least preserved one corpse 
for sake of intelligence.
Dang hungry harpies!

So - tomahawks.

The thrown tomahawk lodges into a spiky breadfuit
about the size of a human head,
with deep juicy *splut*.

Easy to use. Rapid to thow repeatedly. Damaging to bare flesh.
And because the handles are so short,
compared to their big webbed hands,
they can't exactly throw it back.

"Yes, this will work," I say to Aqua.
She nods back approvingly.

Off to side, Teqa is explaining to her sisters
that yes, we did fight off the Merboyz.
Why else would the Harpies give us their meat?

But Laka, the pink-haired one, glances at me
and raises an doubting eyebrow.


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Last update on May 1, 8:11 pm by Carlo Marco.
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