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Taya, the purple-haired mermaid,
whose special ability was to be almost
but not quite as fast as Aqua,
seemed to be indordinately interested in architecture.

She seemed fascinated by walls and structures
and how they all could be put together.
So we talked about the basics of fortification,
and while her ability was useless onland,
she did greatly enjoy making little scale models.

Nimble fingers had nothing to do with her special ability,
but just her own determination to excel at a new hobby.

So with sand and crushed coral and little twigs 
we talked about the possibilities for surviving a superior force.
Mermaids had almost no real mobility on land,
so hiding behind walls was our only real option.

Our little home by the beach downriver was not defensible,
but the dam and its watermill was too useful.
Also, clear sight lines was important
if we wanted to abuse ranged combat.
In the forest we wouldn't see them coming.
Official could still warn us, maybe he smells them or something,
but not from which direction.

The motte and bailey on a hill was the best early form of castle.
However it required a lot of earthmoving ability we just didn't have.

A single tower fort is technically already the most basic castle,
as long as it's meant for permanent residence.
But the base should best be made out of stone.
Or at least brick. More plausible, but just as time-consuming.


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Last update on May 7, 7:21 am by Carlo Marco.
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