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So next up is Riqa, the mermaid with long violet hair,
and whose powers of hearing, while critical for their expeditions,
was not exactly as useful on land.
As a sensor, Official's nose was more reliable.

"So, um... Aqua has you on basket-weaving duty now?"

She just responds, as usual,
with this intense, silent STAAAAARE.

"Umm... good job? Thank you? Keep it up?"


Yeah, I can't deal with her at all.

At least it looks like Taya is enjoying the recovery
of our little brick-making factory.
We're here by the beach settlement again.

I can still feel Riqa's STAAAAAARE
almost burning a hole into my back even as I turn away.
I supress a creeped-out shiver.


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Last update on May 21, 2:23 am by Carlo Marco.
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