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So next up is Lakka, the mermaid with short pink hair,
and that whole mischievious mein,
who leans close, sniffs at me, and says -

"(Did you really fight off the Hungry Ones?)
I don't believe it...
Why don't you show me how... different.. you are?"

She pokes at my chest with her index finger
and begins to rub it around in a sultry circle.

I gulp nervously, 
and from outside of view, Teqa yells
"(Why do you want to DIE, idiot!)"

Lakka pulls back and grins.
"(Ehehee. I was just joking. Just joking!
Sure! Sure! Look! Look! Listen!
I will show the power of my song!)"

Saying that, she hopped off and jumped into the sea.
And swam off, vanishing into the depths.

What the heck was that? 

After a few minutes waiting, I began to see red flecks
Which turned out to be troops of red crabs swarming onto land.

I watched them head inland, marching in an oddly organized line.

But I don't know what I could even do with these many crabs.


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Last update on May 24, 12:04 am by Carlo Marco.
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