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So it turns out that this is a different species of CRAB KING,
less aggressive, smarter, easier to control,
capable of offloading commands to its own legions of lesser crabs
so some sort of CRAB EMPEROR, then?

It also turned out that Teqa,
being able to soften and mold together coral like clay,
could weld together bits of coral into larger tools.

Like a dredge we could use to finally get some serious digging done.

"Seriously, Aqua, this is crazy.
If you mermaids could do this, why don't you rule the seas instead?
How could the mermales ever beat your armored sea army?"

"Mer-boyz command sharks," she replies.
"Big, big sharks.
Ancient ones.

Sharks usually afraid of mer girl song,
but not when made to hunt.
Bloody song. Hungry song. No more pain."

I sigh "... yeah, I guess that would do it."

Millions of years making sharks the apex predator,
almost unchanged since the time of the dinosaurs,
achieving almost perfection as a killing machine.

"But moving to land is more dangerous!" Aqua adds.


It was at this point Official screams his bloody little head off again.
Danger! Intruder alert!

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Last update on August 31, 11:22 am by Carlo Marco.
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