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The girls quickly all head off to grab weapons
Except for Aqua, who remains by my side.

She stares up at the sky and the descending winged shapes
and clenches her fist and growls,

As the harpies dive in, using the glare of the sun as cover
(quite intelligent of them, a part of me notices,
as a opener for an attack)
I come to recognize the figure in the lead.

It's the SmugFace McWingPerson again.
His taloned feet carries some strange rectangular sheet.
And as he swoops by over us,
Aqua raises her fists at him
and shouts a torrent of clicking invectives I couldn't understand.

"Sky Eaterrrss!!!" she rages.


Aqua, please.

Don't make me fall in love with you any more than I'm already in.


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Last update on September 3, 10:41 pm by Carlo Marco.
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