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"Is still a dumb plan 
and you dumb for thinking it!" 
Aqua yells at me.

"Aqua, I have to do this!" I shout back.
"If there's anything of my people to recover,
if there's something they know -
it could be the advantage we need!
We must do all we can to survive!"

We are having our first real disagreement,
And like children not knowing what to do
when Mommy and Daddy fight,
the other mermaids just fled, 
and peeked curiously from outside.

 "Why you think we call them Sky EATERS?
You live by going to get eaten?!"

"If they were going to be cannibals, 
they already had all the chances!
By showing me this...
They want something from me!

This is our chance to  talk to them.
Maybe get some allies!"

"Is too risky! Why you do this to me?
(I just don't want you to die!)"

"And you going off by yourself
doesn't scare me half to death?!
Aqua, please...!

We all... we all need to take risks."

Aqua lets out a frustrated roar, 
and turns to stomp away
bouncing on her tail out the door.

I hope she eventually sees reason.
I don't want to die.
But as it is... no matter our preparations,
I really don't think we can win.


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Last update on October 11, 2:01 pm by Carlo Marco.
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